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2017 Summer Toys: Fun in the Sun

Summer break is fast approaching, and while kids love the freedom to run around and play, there's a good chance that at some point, the boredom bug will bite. Here are a few of the cool new summer toys to help you turn their boredom into fun.

Rogers Daytime (June 20th, 2017)

Backyard Fun

PL-UG Build Your Own Fort

PlaSmart Inc. (3+)

These handy fort building kits include sturdy kid-safe plastic gadgets to help your kids make a lean-to style fort so they can catch a little shade and some welcome respite from the summer sun. Great for fort building play or just a comfy spot to play in the shade. Perfect for your backyard or the beach.

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Nerf Super Soaker HoverFlood

Hasbro, Inc (6+)

Take to the skies and soak all your friends. The Super Soaker Helicopter flies using water pressure from a hose and rains down on anyone standing below. Control the flow of water using a knob on the handle. Hold on and swing gently to take the copter on a wild ride and cool off on a hot summer’s day in the process.

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Smash Pong!™

Educational Insights, Inc. (7+)

Fist pounding, ball launching fun. Kids can make up all sorts of games with this air-powered, cannon-styled ball shooter: who can send it the farthest, or closest to the target (the storage bucket). And once they've mastered these simple games, it's time to bring out the (included) challenge cards and expand the fun to some real skill testing.

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GeoSafari® Solar Rover

Educational Insights, Inc. (8-12)

Cleverly equipped with two solar panels – each powering one of the wheels. The panels react instantly to sunlight setting the rover in a forward roll. Use your hand to steer: cover the panel over a wheel to turn in that direction. Then navigate to a shady spot - or cover both panels - to stop.

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Spikeball,Inc. (10+)

Fun that grows right into adulthood. Played like a cross between Volleyball and Four Square, this active, sporty game takes skill to play well, but the fun is all in the practice. Our younger testers enjoyed just using the net to bounce and catch – a great way to start. Also works like a handicap when youngsters play in a family game (with parents and older siblings limited to volleying their passes the traditional way).

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The Noise on Toys play testing program is unique, both in giving voice to the kids' perspective on the toys as well as offering readers easy access to the original feedback posted by each family - parent and child comments. TNOT is privately funded to ensure complete editorial independence: manufacturers pay neither an administration fee to participate, nor licensing fees to use earned award logos.


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