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March Break 2017: Activities for the Week

Next week, no school. So how will you keep your kids busy? Whether they'll be playing at home, or you've traveling hours to fill, here are our suggestions to make fun instead of boredom during their week of free time.

Rogers Daytime (March 9th, 2017)



The Orb Factory Limited (6+)

Ultra cute collectibles you make yourself, with lots of opportunities to style it just the way you want it to look. Fun to make, attractive enough to display and oh so soft to touch.

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Crayola Air Marker Sprayer

Crayola (8+)

Always magical to see makers turn into spray art. This unit is perhaps the sleekest and easiest to use that we've seen so far. Lots of fun creating colourful sprayed images either freestyle, or using stencils.

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Klutz Make Your Own Soap

Klutz/Scholastic (6+)

These melt-and-pour soaps are fun to make and fun to use - especially when you put small toys inside, which emerge the more you wash your hands. We love that the book also explores a bit of soap science.

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Klutz Sew Mini Animals

Klutz/Scholastic (8+)

Great little sewing ideas that are quick enough for kids to make without feeling overwhelmed by a huge project.

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Klutz Pom Pom Kitties

Klutz/Scholastic (8+)

Making the pom-poms is just the start. Turning those wooly balls into a cute little kitten is where the real creativity happens.

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Pretty Paper Pajaki

Creativity for Kids/Faber-Castell (7+)

A great introduction to a Polish folk tradition of making paper chandeliers. Lots of fun to keep kids busy stringing colourful patterned papers and straws to bring good wishes and luck to your home.

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Invent Amazing Art Gadgets

Creativity for Kids/Faber-Castell (8+)

Inspires two kinds of creativity – art as well as engineering inspiration to design and make gadgets to create new art – like a swinging pendulum to drip patterns of paint on your paper.

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Brain Teasers

Lunar Landing™

ThinkFun Inc. (8+)

Pawns more horizontally or vertically , but they need to bump up against another pawn to stop. Your task is to create a path of explorer pawns to block and redirect the red shuttle pawn until it 'lands' on the center peg.

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ThinkFun Inc. (8+)

Shift waves and move the boats to clear a channel and bring the red boat into port. Same kind of classic slide puzzle-solving as ThinkFun's iconic Rush Hour.

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By the Book: A Novel Stacking Game

Brainwright/Ceaco (8+)

Fit an assortment of mini books (up to 12 of them) between the shelves. Each book is a unique size, so you'll need to arrange them carefully so they all fit. And sometimes you'll need to leave room for the cat.

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Flip: The Tile Turning Teaser

Brainwright/Ceaco (10+)

Ever flipping tiles keeps this puzzle a dynamic challenge. Tiles feature a movement/action option on one or both sides. Move made, the tile is flipped and the action out of play unless a future move flips the tile back to reactivate it.

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Klutz Coloring Crush

Klutz/Scholastic (8+)

Colouring is the new way to relax. Totally on trend, this book includes lots of interesting designs, and we love that it also offers great tips and techniques to make your projects look more interesting. Perfect for spending some quiet time over the March break.

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Walls & Warriors

SmartGames (8+)

A great series of logic puzzles where kids place the castle walls in a way that keeps the invaders outside the walls, and defenders safely inside

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