An Independent Guide to the "Bestest" Kid-Tested Toys

The Best New Brain Teasers for 2017

Here are our favourite new brain teasers for those times when you want a little solitary down time.

Bunny Boo

SmartGames (2-2)

A great activity to help young toddlers understand spatial concepts and location words like in front of, behind, over, under inside and so on.

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SmartGames (4+)

A fun logic puzzle with a popular theme.

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Brick Party

Renegade Game Studios (5+)

There are so many ways to use the components in this game, from simple building puzzles to a challenging game for older kids. A great set that can grow with your child.

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Roller Coaster Challenge™

ThinkFun Inc. (6+)

It's not only a great puzzle, but a free-style building toy, too.

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Break Free


Solve the puzzles, play the games or just use these clever handcuffs for imaginative adventures.

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Match Madness

Foxmind Games (7+)

Play as a game, or puzzle quietly on your own. Includes 144 puzzle challenges with five levels of difficulty.

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Jump In

SmartGames (7+)

Our play testers loved solving these sliding puzzles to get the rabbits snug in a hole and safe from the foxes.

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Temple Connection

SmartGames (7+)

Construct a path of roads and bridges to connect the temples. Includes 80 puzzles with five levels of difficulty.

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//CODE: Programming Game Series

ThinkFun Inc. (8+)

Work your way through introductory programming concepts. Learn about procedures, logic, and control structures. Each kit comes with a puzzle book containing 40 puzzles of varying difficulty.

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Color Cube Sudoku

ThinkFun Inc. (8+)

Not only are you solving the Sudoku challenge, you are also tasked to find the right cube faces to position the colours

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The Noise on Toys play testing program is unique, both in giving voice to the kids' perspective on the toys as well as offering readers easy access to the original feedback posted by each family - parent and child comments. TNOT is privately funded to ensure complete editorial independence: manufacturers pay neither an administration fee to participate, nor licensing fees to use earned award logos.


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