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Ultra quick to learn and play, this number sequencing game is perfect for a fast game when you've got a few minutes to play. And, it's as much fun with a large group, as it is playing with just two people. You can even play it solitaire (trying to beat your own high score). There are 40 numbered tiles in a bag, from which 20 are drawn one at a time. After each draw, players write the number drawn in one of the 20 spots on their score sheet. The trick is to place the number on a spot that offers the greatest probability that you'll have spots open to add the numbers yet to be drawn - without interrupting the sequence, because longer sequences score exponentially higher (7 in a row gets 11 points, but 10 in a row scores 25 points, etc). The fabric bag makes it very portable, too. Just fold a few score sheets and add them to the bag of tiles along with a few pencils, and you've got a great game to wait out your restaurant order.




I have so much fun playing this game! Every number that comes out of the pouch can either make someone really happy or makes them groan. I like seeing where other people put their guesses it's funny how we can all come out with a different score with the same tiles. There is a lot of luck involved in getting the tile you want so that you make either a really long series and get mega points, or two shorter series. I love being the one to pick the last tile, everybody is hoping for a number between a certain range so I pick the tile and then I ask them what they are wishing for, if the tile is Ok for them I tell them they are going to love me... or if it's not I tell them: you are going to hate what I have to say! When we get half way through the game, every tile comes with either a Yeah! comment, or a groan - it's a lot of fun!



Don't let the boring box mislead you, this is a really fun game! I have the record of 18 tiles in a row, 2 tiles more and I would have made a perfect game! I am so good with numbers and well guessing where I should put the numbers in the boxes.



I actually really enjoyed this game. When i first say it, I knew it was a math game and thought it wasn't going to be that fun. I was wrong. I actually had a great time playing with my mom and brother. I think it is helping my math too!



we just started the game and i really really like the game! it is fun to try to place the numbers in sequential order in the longest rows possible without knowing what the next number will be. i love competing against people and trying to beat their scores and trying to beat my own high score.



I like this game. I really like to play with my parents and figure out who will get the longest train fastest. I like the tiles they feel great and smooth.



I like that we can take it anywhere, the pouch keeps the tiles together. Sometimes when you don't know where to write a number on your score pad and you take a guess and the next number comes out and ..oof that was a good guess! Really fun to play and a whole lot of you can play together.



I don't like this game, I don't understand what I have to do to win and I keep getting the numbers in the wrong place.



It's a great game and fun to play. It's very funny to hear everyone shouting "Noooo" and "Yesss"!!! You can play with lots of different ages and everyone is equal.


Liz H.


This is a fantastic game. It was fairly straightforward and I really liked that both my children (Allison, 10 yrs.; Sean, 6 yrs.) could play and had fun. Although the game was geared for Allison's age, Sean was able to particpate with some adult guidance. Both kids had a great time and I loved that they were developing their math skills. Great value for the money!

Joyce S.


This is a definite 10. It's really fun as you are playing the same tiles and while it can be a great tile for you, it can be awful for the other player. Moans and cheers go on at the same time and it's really funny. Easy to learn and a long term fun toy.

Orietta M.


this is one of my favourite games. it is easy enough to understand and provides endless hours of entertainment. helps build addition skills. my daughter by the end of the summer had gotten quicker and I have to say I think it is from games like this. we enjoy playing this game on family night



My 10 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son really loved this game. They had fun with numbers and enjoyed guessing what the next number would be, my 9 yr old son unfortunately is not there in his math skills and he just did not get it. He would just get frustrated since he was not making high scores like the others. We got him to pick the numbers for a bit to keep him with us playing. Super easy to take with us to the restaurant or camping. It comes with a large amount of refill paper, we have enough to play for quite a while.

Rebecca Y.

Such a simple concept, yet such a fun game! The kids (M8, M9 & F11) are really enjoying playing this game. The idea is to get the largest ascending sequence by guessing where to put the numbers as the tiles are flipped over. The game requires a lot of strategy but it's a quick game to learn, and easy to play. The game comes with a huge scorepad which means it can be played hundreds of times. It says it can be played with up to 100 players which is really true, though we've only played with four so far! A great game all around!


Manufacturer Description

Looking for the best game for a large group? Hop aboard the 20 Express! Each player has a train of 20 cars to fill with numbers. The goal is to make long series of ascending numbers. With every draw, players must decide the best train car to assign the number. Some numbers may be pulled twice, and a wild tile can save a series. The longer the series, the more points it earns. Like in Bingo, you need luck on your side, but strategic thinking and sharp guesswork pays off. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with every draw. Don’t be surprised if you can’t play just one game! Skills: Number Recognition, Probability, Strategy.

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