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5 - Minute Dungeon

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $26.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Our play testers loved the quick play time and cooperative aspect of this game, saying it's a great game for a mix of adults and kids to play together. The creative names and illustrations on the cards definitely enhance the game. We love the pop culture references ('A Ludicrously Tall Wall of Ice'), as well as the general silliness that inspires monsters like 'A Cactus that Wants a Hug', and obstacles like 'A Surprise Dodge Ball Tournament'. Like most co-operative games, you're playing against time, but instead of turn-taking, this game is a free-for-all of simultaneous play, which adds a communication challenge to the cooperative effort. For example, with the time crunch, it might seem best for the quickest player to match the challenges - until he runs out of card midway through the dungeon. Lesson learned: It's better for the group to communicate and coordinate everyone's contributions, so that you have all decks to draw upon throughout the dungeon. A fun game with a refreshingly new take on co-operative play.




The game was really fun and I liked that there were different levels with more dungeons each time. I really liked that we worked as a team. It would have been nice if there were 2 options for each dungeon master - it could be on the back of the same card. This would give the game a bit more variety. Also more dungeon cards would be great. Sometimes we played it without a timer as the timer can be stressful but we could still lose the level if we ran out of cards and couldn't defeat the dungeon.


Allison M.

It's hard to find a great cooperative game and this one was great. It was enjoyed by both adults and kids (F8, M11) as a quick fun game where you all work together. I loved the dungeon cards and the bosses and characters you could be. The special abilities of each character added an nice extra touch to the game. One adult friend that we played the game with immediately went out to buy the game after we played. A great game for a mix of adults and kids to work together to play. Since you won or lost together then there was a great bonding experience of working together to solve a problem. This was one of the best and favorite games we tested all year. I loved the 5 levels, the quick play time and the cooperative aspect to this game. The only thing I would add is it would be nice to have even more dungeon cards and more final dungeon masters for variety.


Manufacturer Description

You and your party of intrepid heroes are trapped in a series of five deadly dungeons. To survive, you must battle together against dangerous monsters, obstacles and Dungeon Bosses. Defeat each dungeon in five minutes or less, and you win! Pick your hero: Are you a Barbarian? Wizard? Thief? Each of the 10 heroes has a unique ability to help your team. Battle it out: Defeat monsters and obstacles by quickly playing cards with matching symbols. There are no turns, so everyone battles together. Beat the Dungeon Boss: Defeat the Boss to move onto the next dungeon. But hurry - you must defeat each dungeon in five minutes or less!


  • 250 Cards (English only)

  • 5 Double-Sided Hero Mats (10 Heroes total)

  • 5 Boss Mats

  • Instructions


  • COOPERATIVE: You’re all in it together—either your party defeats the dungeon and moves onto the next one, or you all perish! This makes 5-Minute Dungeon an easy game for new players to join, even if they are not hardcore gamers.

  • FAST PACED: There are no turns. Everybody races against the clock to slap down symbols that match the current card. With only 5 Minutes to defeat each dungeon, there’s no time to waste!

  • FLEXIBLE: Your team can be anywhere from 2 to 5 players, and it's easy to change the number of players between dungeons if you have new players arriving at your game night.

  • EXCITING: And since each dungeon takes only 5 minutes, you can play a few rounds and then pick it up again when you have time to continue the quest.

  • VARIETY: With 10 heroes to choose from you can assemble your team differently for each game session, and even swap heroes between dungeons! Each hero has unique abilities to help the team.