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A Wish Come True Tote Bags

A Wish Come True

Age: 3 to 4 years

MSRP (CAD): $19.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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These are attractive dress-up sets - the tutus, in particular, are quite lovely. However, our testers did have some minor complaints about the accessories included in some sets. The sequinned headband in the Pixie set was too small even for kids to wear; the comb used to hold the Princess tiarra in place was scratchy and easily broken; and one family reported the Fairy wings got runs in the gazy material.  But the actual outfits were a big hit. 




Mommy, I look like a beautiful princess and look how sparkly my head is! I have beautiful flowers in my hair!



Ohhhhhhh princess!!!!!!!!!!



Look at my pouffy dress.  Prince Eric changed into a dinosaur.  I need my magic wand to change him back.



"I'm going to spell you"  waving the wand around!



The skirt hurts me at the waist. I like the costumes Great Gramma makes better.



I like the skirt.  It's fancy.



 I look like a princess!  I get dressed up but not for long and I take it off.  I don't like the halo, it falls in my eyes.  I like purple!  I can stuff it in the bag so it doesn't get lost.  I can put the tutu on all by myself and it fits me.  And it fits Carleigh too and she's a baby.  I like playing dress up and I have a bag too.


Krista M.


My daughter (F3) loves this set. The tutu is very full compared to others we have. THe sequined headband is very different from other sets and although I was worried it wouldn't fit her at first, it fit perfectly near the end of testing. All the pieces hold up very well and they have been used by my daughters, friends in the house and out of the house many times! The tulle doesn't rip or catch easily, which was really great to see.

Julie J.


Not the favourite dress-up clothes for our two princesses.

Jo M.


This purple pixie dress up outfit was breifly enjoyed by Hailee (age 3) and Kierra (age 5). The girls took turns getting dressed in the pixie outfit. There is a skirt, a wand and a beautiful headband. All of the accessories fit both girls. It is nice that the outfit comes in a plastic bag for storage and can be used as a purse/bag. The bag could potentially be a suffocation danger. The initial interest wore off much quicker than expected and after the inital play there was little to no interest. The handle on the bag tore off. 

Pam W.


Although the quality of the magic wand did not stand the test of time or extended play, the costume did live up to expectations and would continue to delight my daughter.  She found many uses for the skirt and the wand and allowed both mommy and daughter to have some fun times while role playing.  The crown was not used very much as it was difficult to keep on my daughter's head.

Brenna C.


This was a just average dress-up toy with no special appeal.  It seemed a bit cheaply made for the price and was somewhat less exciting than other dress-up costumes we already have.  Might be okay for child who likes tutus.

Lisa G.


We got e tote with tiara, wand and tutu.  She refused to put on this tutu saying it was "sharp".  She plays regularly with the wand putting spells on us she says "i'm spelling you" which is pretty cute.  Tiara got broken in transit to us but superglue has held it together well.  The best part about this toy is the clear tote it comes in.  She pretends its a purse and puts all her toys in it. 

I rated this toy lower because I'm disapointed in recommended price.  $20 seems steep when these items are of dollar store quality. 

Rachel D.


I thought my daughter (age 3) would really like this set, but after the first few times, she was not so interested any more. The tiara is too big for a three year old's head.

Jennifer Y.


My children love to dress-up! They spend most of their time at home in costume acting as someone or something else.

This a good quality, reasonably-priced fairy costume. A good addition to any child's costume trunk.

We could do without the excess glitter from the wings that sparkled up our playroom floor.

Tammy W.


Ava (F3) got her hair tangled around the sequins in the headband and it was quite difficult to untangle.  She keeps having to push the headband up over her face and this causes her hair to get caught.


Manufacturer Description

Tote bag containing: Tutu, Tiara or Wand. OR Tote bag containing Tutu, Halo and Wand OR Tote bag containing Tutu, Wings and Wand. 

Year Introduced



  • Pixie Tote Bag Contains: A206 Tote (16.5 X 10.5 X 3) - A233 Tulle and Flower Wand - H231 Floral and Ribbon Halo - S231 Petal Tulle Tutu