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Air Blast Cannon


Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $32.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

Production Status: In Stores


Manufacturer Description

Ready, aim, blast! Launch foam darts of targets up to ten paces away. Using the fun and clear instruction book, construct a moveable, air-powered cannon using simple syringes to move left, right, up or down. Then aim and and fire away at the included targets. Continue the fun with experiments that harness the power of air. Makers will explore the physics of projectiles, the mechanics of pneumatics, and how they working everyday machines – like bicycle pumps! It hits a bull's-eye for the whole family!


  • 7 punch-out art sheets

  • 3 foam darts

  • 30 snaps

  • 5 large syringes

  • small syringe

  • 10 custom plastic clips

  • 3 tubes (24 in/61 cm each)

  • 32-page book with simple air ppressure experiments, instructions, and More!


  • Physics & engineering

  • Book included with engineering basics, instructions, and fun!

  • All the pieces you need to assemble your working air blast cannon from scratch

  • Knock down targets using pheumatics!