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All Ready for First Grade Readiness Kit

Learning Resources, Inc.

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $34.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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Our testers loved all the booklets, objects, cards, etc. - especially the sea animals for counting stuff. A great school-like activity for kids waiting to start school because this kit lets them feel like they're already there. And as a bonus, they have the opportunity to review basic letter and number skills that kids these days seem to know even before they start school. Works well with the High Seas Addition game, also by Learning Resources(http://thenoiseontoys.com/toys/50860/High-Seas-ADDventure-Addition-Game).




I like that it had sea animals for counting stuff and I liked that you could write with the dry erase pen and wipe it out so you could doodle over the page and use it again. I also like how the measuring fish fit together.


Allison M.

Our daughter (5) really liked the little sea animals and that helped with her interest level in trying out the excercises in the kit. She liked using the dry erase book so you could do the excercise and then erase it and try again. The math questions were a good level and you could use the little sea animals to help. The discussion questions were interesting and were a good discussion level for her age. The activities in the box were good for learning and provided a good discussion, but I found it felt like a chore to work with my daughter (5) on the kit. The tasks are definitely ones that would help with school so it has a high education component. My concern was that it also felt like school and on the weekend, when my daughter is done her full day kindergarten for the week, she wasn't too keen on doing more of the same stuff from school. Both of us did like the sea creature theme and the sheer variety of tasks to try. The dry erase component was a great idea for multiple sessions and the mix of reading, math, time telling, writing and creativity was good. I also liked that there were suggestions on how to make things more challenging. This is not an independent play type of kit - you will need to spend the entire time with your child using the kit to teach them. For parents interesting in this type of kit, it's a good one with lots of things to try.

Renee R.

This kit is fantastic. I had only ever seen activity workbooks before which all more or less tend to look the same. The best part of this kit is the number of small "toys" that make concepts more visual and easier to understand. Olivier (5) and Simon (almost 4) love to learn with this kit!

Elyse S.

My 5 year old girl was very excited to get into this activity kit. So many booklets, objects, cards, etc. we didn't know where to start - in a good way. We went through some of the math problems that you use the counters for - and it was a very effective way to show how the word problems work. Then onto the creative thinking cards. They each have a question designed to provoke deeper thinking. Some were great topics, others still only provoked a 1 or 2 word answer. I guess that really depends on the child using them though. This was truly a unique activity set and it was a very exciting way to prepare my child and get her ready for the upcoming year.


Manufacturer Description

Prepare children for first grade with this specially designed kit! Make learning fun while targeting essential first-grade skills including addition & subtraction, 2-D shapes, word building, and writing & journaling. Featuring the popular “Under the Sea” classroom theme, this comprehensive kit includes an assortment of colorful manipulatives and other hands-on tools (the same ones used by teachers), a write-and-wipe Activity Book for children, and a 32-page Guide created just for parents. Perfect for the summer or an at-home connection. All components conveniently store in a sturdy storage box measuring 10"L x 3"W x 12"H. 

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