Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $26.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

Production Status: Coming Soon

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I really liked decorating the aquarium. I like the treasure box stickers and all the pearls. It's fun to see the grass growing.



I like the water beads because it's so cool to see them grow. It's also fun to watch the grass grow and it grows so fast! I also like all the colourful cool stickers and the paint, but I wish it came with more stickers and more seeds.



My favorite part of building it was painting the base. I liked that the stickers had a clear background so you could see through them. I liked the plastic plant, it's very colorful. The little marble things were cool because they started off really small and then they turned big. I really like the spraying part and I used the spray bottle to spray other plants too. I wish that it had a lid so the water couldn't spill. I liked building the craft best, although I do like spraying the plants now that I've finished building it.


Wendy K.

My 6 year old daughter and 8 year old son both really enjoyed decorating the aquarium with stickers and paint. Decorating the aquarium and base was definitely the highlight for my F6 year old. The best part for my son is being the one in charge of watering the wheat grass every day. It started growing very quickly and my kids like checking on it a few times a day. The design is great! The manufacturer really thought of lots of fun details for the kids to decorate the aquarium. The water beads, fake plant, stickers and paint all greatly contribute to the whole experience. It's definitely great for ages 6 and up. My 4 year old was not interested in it at all. The instructions were all very kid-friendly. My 8 year old read the instructions and he and my 6 year old worked on it all together. I was not involved with the decorating or any aspect of this activity. I like that it's an art activity mixed in with understanding nature. I do feel like it's a very short term excitement, though since their interest in the wheat grass is already beginning to fade.

Allison M.

My daughter (7) was very excited to build this craft as she thought it looked great on the box. Our finished product looks just as good as the image on the box and we were very impressed. The stickers worked well with the clear background so that they could blend in nicely on either the bowl or the base. The base was fun to paint and the extra stickers for jewels or bubbles provided lots of options for how you wanted to design your aquarium. The expanding water bubbles were really fun for the kids - they were amazed at how big they grew overnight once they expanded with water. The growing of the grass worked perfectly and the kids love using the tiny spray bottle on the plants. They also like using the tiny spray bottle for our own house plants, too. They think spraying is much more fun then watering, and she has not missed a day to spray it or look at it since she built it over a week ago. My daughter really enjoyed putting this together and is impressed with how well it turned out. I am very happy with this craft and would recommend it as a fun project for kids that like crafts.


Manufacturer Description

Paint, decorate, plant, water and grow! Build an underwater world inside a terrarium with this garden craft for kids. The vintage gumball machine design and fun, vibrant water beads add a touch of playful whimsy to your personal space while creating the perfect environment for wheat grass to sprout. Paint the aquarium base, decorate with stickers, assemble, fill with water beads, then plant the included seeds and watch grow. Colorful water beads help your plants grow – so no green thumb or soil needed! Uses water beads as a unique growing medium.

Model Number

# 6145


  • Wheat grass seeds sprout in as little as 3 to 4 days.

  • Use it with GROW Light (#6118) to maximize your results.

  • Terrarium measures approximately 5 ½” w x 8 ½” h.

  • GROW Garden Crafts recognizes that sometimes you just have to play in the dirt. Whether you live in an apartment building or are stuck inside because of the weather, our GROW garden crafts will engage the imagination of young green thumbs all year round. Help youngsters connect with nature through creativity and care. Kids can express their artistic side with these crafts while still learning how to tend to their growing plants. It’s time for children to be included in this popular hobby, so captive their developing minds while promoting creativity with these planters, terrariums and more.