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This archaeologially-themed puzzle works like a sliding puzzle except that the figures hop from spot to spot (rather than sliding) along colour-coded paths. But the goal is the same: move the chief archaeologist from his starting postion over to the pedastal. To do this, you need to shuffle the other team members along their colour-matched pathways to get them out of the way. Our testers enjoyed that the difficulty level for these challenges was just right for them, espcially as the challenge increased gradually enough to keep them on track. Defintely one of the better puzzles in this line. 




I didnt like it because it wasn't exciting to do. I liked the other games a lot more.



athena is fun to play and i like the different people that move around. i am not bored of it yet and i like that it has a lot of challenges



The last challenges were really hard! It's a fun brainteaser!



I like these puzzles because if I spend a lot of time (or sometimes a little), I am sure I will be able to solve it.


Jennifer B.


I'm not sure why, but the kids just didn't take to this game as much as the others. No real reason other than there were too many little pieces I'm guessing. too many choices with the other games.

Joyce S.


We enjoyed this one. It was challenging but built up in difficulty reasonably.  A good one for brain teaser fans.

Krista M.

Adult Tester

This was a different idea for a brain teaser, but we didn't find it as exciting as the others. The puzzles were easier to solve, but it didn't hold our interest as long as other brain teasers. The concept was neat, but it just didn't have the same appeal.

Marie-Lise H.


This is a little different from the other puzzle games we've been playing with.  It's like playing chess, you need to think a few moves ahead.  the rules are simple and so are the limitations of your pieces.  I found it intriging, the kind of game you can pick up and leave and try again after a while. the set up is easy and best of all they do have the answers in the back!

Rebecca Y.


You have to manouver the different-coloured archaeologists around the board to get the chief archaeologist to a specific spot (to connect Athena). The instructions are very clear and the kids (F9, M7, M6) all enjoy the challenges. They do get quite challenging near the end!


Manufacturer Description

Welcome to Athena, an Olympian Brainteaser. 

The good news, Archaeologists have found an ancient statue of Athena! The bad news, she’s in two pieces. Help the team put Athena back together. 

The Play: Clear a path so the Chief Archaeologist can carry Athena’s top half over to her bottom half. How? Just shift the dig workers around on their team-color paths. 

The Challenges: Try all 50 brain-excavating challenges. As the dig site gets more crowded, the challenges get harder… But don’t worry—if your brain caves in, the solution is provided to help dig you out. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get down to the dig site!

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  • Instruction Book with Solutions