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Atomic Shield Popper: Ultimate Attack and Defend Foam Ball Shooter

Hog Wild

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $27.95

MSRP (USD): $23.95

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It's really hard to pull back because I am not strong enough. My Mom can pull it back really good. Sometimes it shoots for me and sometimes it doesn't. It is hard for me to hold steady and so I can't aim properly.



It shoots really far, farther than the Moo Popper. It is easy to shoot and shoots so fast.


Jennifer F.

The concept of this toy is smart and it looks impressive. However, the toy itself is made from low quality plastic and the numerous cracks we noticed as soon as it came out of the package continued to spread (although not break) during a few weeks of testing. It also makes creaking plastic noises it didn't at the beginning of testing. M6 really enjoyed the shield feature, but had to work to actually shoot the ball - it requires precision and strength. M8 abandoned this toy in favour of other toys where he could get a similar distance but without the "work" required with this toy. The idea behind this toy is good, but lacking in quality and over-priced!

Allison M.


This toy is great for slightly older kids. My 7 year old has a great time with this toy but my 4 year old is unable to activate the launcher and in the end she just pushes the balls out with her finger rather then using the launch. My son (7)has had friends over as well and all his friends love it. It is slightly dangerous though as the toy works really well to launch ver far. My son has also used this toy in battles with his friends where one has a light saber toy and the other has a launcher with shield so it works well in pretend battle play.


Manufacturer Description

Gravity-fed auto load, includes six soft foam balls that fire over 40 feet through the shield--that's right, through the shield! Pull the soft foam hammer back, take aim and let go! Clear shield protects you from in-coming fire!

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