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Hasbro, Inc

Age: 6 months and up

MSRP (CAD): $11.99

MSRP (USD): $9.99

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An adorable soft-bodied doll with a soft rattle and plenty of interesting textures to finger and chew on. We like that the doll's sleeves are cleverly designed with finger puppets to facilitate a little puppet play. And best of all, the doll is machine washable!  Like most dolls, some testers loved it forever, others lost interest after the initial novelty.




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Pamela P.


This doll was an adorable addition to my daughter's already boyish toy box. Baby got really excited when we first introduced her to the toy. The initial play session was for a good 10 minutes with no interruptions. She carried the doll around and gave it kisses and hugs. Then again, we were off to a very uneventful family affair and this kept her mind busy. After having the doll for two months, my daughter completely lost interest in it. She will only play with it, if I take it out of the toy box and play with it first - and even then, it's momentarily. However, we have a walker/stroller that came with a similar doll and she does prefer the Baby Alive version.

Final opinion? I think it really depends on your child - mine seems to prefer bells and tambourines - basically any loud music. We have something that we call the "Kate Smash!" cause she loves to be as loud as she possibly can - this toy was not in her mind set, but would probably be an excellent toy for someone a little more "nurturing" than my little tom-boy. The price point is excellent - as about $12 Canadian... you couldn't get a cuter doll!

(Posted on http://lifewithkate.blogspot.com/2011/06/baby-alive-1st-for-me-luvn-snuggle-doll.html)

Brenda T.


Day 1, My Daughter who is 14 months old seems to be mildly interested.  The bright colors, rattles and textures amused her for a bit however she seems to just want to use it as a teething toy.  She played with it for about  10 min then went on to something else.

Sandrine C.


There is physically nothing wrong with this toy. It is of high quality, safe and nice vibrant colors. As a parent, I love that it is small and can easily by tossed in a diaper bag when on the go. It also washes easy. I think it would be better if both feet crinkled. The reason for the low rating is because my daughter lost quick interest in the toy. Within 2 weeks of receiving it she’s barely played with it. Now after a few months, she doesn't even reach for it in her toy box. It's disappointing because I had high hopes for this doll. Dolls for ages under 3 are a rare find. Maybe a one year old is too young to be interested in dolls?

Esther W.


My daughter still likes this doll after having it for a few weeks but she's definitely lost some interest.  She plays with it everyday but she doesn't spend more time with it compared to her other toys.  She loves the games we play with her using the toys and she loves the doll's hugs and kisses.  I think she enjoys spending time with us and interacting with us rather than the toy itself.

My 2.5 year old son, however, LOVES this doll.  He calls her "Baby".  He likes to nap with her and he lets her ride his Thomas trains.  He plays make-believe games with her where he'd make her food and feed it to her.  He plays with this toy way more than my daughter does.

I would've give this toy a lower rating if this is only based on my daughter's interest.  However, because my son loves it so much, I think this toy does have certain appeal to children and therefore, it deserves a good rating.

Jill B.

My daughter (11 months) still shows interest in this every day. She particularly likes the pigtails. And it's a perfect size for her to snuggle. Easy to clean. May like it better if the face was plush instead of hard plastic-better for snuggling. Great cost value considering the price and how much my daughter plays with it.


Manufacturer Description

This soft baby doll features noise-making surprises to delight your little one! This LUV ’N SNUGGLE baby doll makes rattling sounds when you move her and has a foot that makes crinkling sounds when your baby grabs onto it. Your little one will love to touch this doll’s textured hair and will giggle with glee when you put your fingers in the finger pockets to make this doll move! This perfect first doll for your little one is even machine washable — making her the perfect doll for Mom, too!

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