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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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Fun, well-designed and great value. Certainly the best value of any toy we tested this year - and for some time now. And, it all comes in  surprisingly small box. Despite it's size, that box contains a reasonably good sized playhouse, with furniture and accessories - even the doll is included! Our play testers loved that it's all Chelsea-sized - especially the Chelsea-sized accessories that come with it because, they say, most of the BARBIE stuff is a little big for 'the sisters'. We love that the snacks and drinks fit snugly into little indents to help secure them in place - giving all the advantages of glued-on pieces (not easily knocked over or lost), but with the flexibility to remove and use them like play props. The doll stand is another helpful feature. It fits in the 'elevator' so Chelsea can stand on her own, leaving your hands free to operate the elevator - or it can taken from the elevator and used anywhere you want Chelsea to stand on her own. It's a little tricky to hold the elevator level (rather than tugging it upwards) so that it glides easily up and back down the runners - but it's nice that it will stay at the top without holding it there. The interior walled area of the clubhouse is a little small to hold much other than the built-in kitchen. But the doll has room to move around and we like that the fridge/oven doors open revealing a roomy shelf/rack, although some younger testers has a little difficulty sliding the shelves. The clubhouse makes an inspiring backdrop for play outside the walls, too - with a daybed on the roof terrace, and table and chairs set out just in front, like a patio. A terrific gift idea, and small enough to ship affordably.




I love this - it's just like the one my papa built for me. I like the small Barbies like me. Big Barbie is mommy. I think the elevator is awesome. I can't have one in my playhouse though.



I assembled the toy by myself. The instructions were easy to follow. I had fun putting it together. The pieces clicked together nicely.



Everything in Chelsea's house is small like Chelsea. Chelsea has her own kitchen and she can make cupcakes all by herself! I like the elevator, but it gets stuck. I want a clubhouse like Chelsea's in the backyard with an elevator. And cupcakes and juice boxes too.



I like all things about this toy. I like using the elevator and I like that the cupcakes and juice boxes fit in the holes so if you knocked the table over the stuff stayed on the table. I liked that it was a good toy to use my a Littlest Pet Shop toys in. The girl reminds me of Rapunzel.


Allison M.


This was a great toy. Our 4 year old daughter wanted it right away when she saw it on the site and then loved it when it arrived home for her to play with it. My 7 yr old son assembled the toy easily and had fun doing so. My daughter played with this toy almost every night for the first 2 weeks of testing. She incorporated other toys wit the clubhouse and used it for all sorts of imaginative play. She did lose interest after that but then after more then a week of not playing with it, when I put it back in her room it was still quite popular. The drinks and cupcakes clicked in very nicely to the table fridge and stove. The drinks could also fit nicely into the dolls hands. I thought we may even have to buy this toy at the end of testing as it was so loved but my daughter decided that she would like to buy the similar set instead which is the Chelsea with the play structure. Overall this toy was a bit hit.

Sandra W.

This toy held the interest of my 5 and 3 year old daughters for a long time. Lots of creative play observed with this toy and they quickly added other dolls to play with it. I liked that there was furniture and some of the little pieces that came with it because it enhanced the play value. However, it was hard to keep track of all the little pieces because they could not be easily stored in the club house. F3 and F5 had some difficulty sliding the trays in and out of the oven, which they found frustrating, and F3 was a little rough with her toys so I frequently had to reassemble the elevator, table legs, and bedframe.

Christina B.


Lily (4) enjoyed using this playset with the Chelsea doll as well as some of her smaller princess dolls. Her favourite thing about this set was probably the small food pieces, which got worked into some imaginative pretend play. Lily seemed to prefer to play with the food pieces separately from the play house, and as such the house itself didn't get used as often.

Tammy W.

Set up was simple and I had no issues. It is quite similar to another Barbie house we own, from the food that sticks into holes in the tables to the chandelier hanging from the ceiling/roof. The girls are playing with the two together. They like the elevator a lot but at times, it seems to get caught and they get frustrated.

Alice M.

This toy has been a hit since we picked it up. My daughter (4) has it in her bedroom, and every night before going to sleep she gives the girl, bunny plus some littlest pet shop toys she has some dinner. She sets up the table from the set and gives them juice and cupcakes. They eat on the roof so they have to use the elevator. She then finds places to put them all to sleep for the night and then she goes to sleep too. She loves how the cupcakes and drinks click into the table, stove and fridge so they stay put and the drinks could also fit nicely into the dolls hands. The elevator is a great feature as well and she loves using this in her pretend play.


Manufacturer Description

Chelsea® Clubhouse! : After school, on the weekend, or during a vacation, Chelsea® doll and her friends love to hang out in the backyard of Barbie® doll's Dreamhouse® — and this two-story clubhouse is a "dream" for Chelsea® doll (included!) and her friends (sold separately)! A delightful pink-and-white color scheme brightens any day, while lovely detailing on the front door, railings, and posts adds cute touches. A gorgeous pink chandelier adds a spot of glam and makes this one clubhouse too adorable to keep secret!

Cooking With Imagination!: Enter the first-floor kitchen through the entrances on either side. With its cupcake theme, it's the perfect setting for a fun meal or sweet treat. Prepare food at the counter, cook in the oven (it opens and closes), store food in the refrigerator (it opens and closes, too!), and clean up at the sink. Chelsea® doll and a friend can then enjoy a meal at the table with its two chairs made even more "a-doll-able" with heart-shaped backs. Darling accessories include cupcakes on plates and juice boxes. The pieces have a unique plug 'n play feature that fits into the decorative grooves, so items stay in place and are hard to lose!

Working Elevator!: Take the elevator to the second floor. The elevator fits both Chelsea® doll and her pet bunny (included) at the same time. Just place them on the platform, lift the tab, and up they go! At the top, Chelsea® doll and her friends can enjoy the rooftop deck, soaking up the sun or gazing at the stars. A pretty pink-and-white daybed is perfect for lounging in the outdoors, and if it gets too hot, grab some shade under the glam palm tree accent.

Join the Club!: Chelsea® doll and her pet bunny — both are included — are ready to welcome guests! Chelsea® doll is adorable in a cute outfit with bright colors and fun prints. Pink shoes and a pink clip around her blond side ponytail are perfect touches. Her pet bunny is equally cute, with a pink heart on its floppy ear. Collect other friends (sold separately) from Chelsea® doll's world to fill the house and expand the fun!

What's in the Box?: Clubhouse with entryway, working elevator, and palm tree; Chelsea® doll wearing fashion and accessories; bunny figure; one dining table; two chairs; two cupcakes on plates; two juice boxes; one pot; one daybed; and one chandelier

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  • The second floor features a fun rooftop deck, where Chelsea and her friends can soak up the sun or stare at the stars