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BARBIE® I CAN BE…™ 2013 Assortment

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $32.99

MSRP (USD): $27.99

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"I'd like to do gymnastics someday like these guys , my favorite part is when go spins around and around". " mommy you can be the big Barbie"



But Mum, she does not DO anything.



Im so happy it came with a kid barbie too! I think she's my age.



I can spin Chelsea in circles, but I go super fast and she falls. She can go upside down and win a trophy!



I like to make Barbie swim in my bath and I think the turtle is sooooo cute! It changes colour in the cold.



I like when Chelsea spins and does flips. She's great at gymnastics. She won first and got a medal!


Lisa G.

Zahra (6) was in a rush to open this Barbie I can Be- Gymnastics set. She loves the smaller Kelly sized dolls and pretends she is the smaller doll and I'm the regular sized Barbie. She especially likes the bar that the small doll hooks up to and spins around. Packing could have been smaller, when its out of the box it's a tiny set. Balance beam part isn't designed well- but we used it by pretending they walked on it. She asks to play with me daily with this toy before bed.

Cathy M.

We have the Ocean Treasure Explorer set. It was very easy to assemble and is perfect for the bath. A coral wall sticks to the bath with suction cups and the cute ocean friends can hang on the wall, or play in the water with Barbie. The turtle and Barbie's hair change in ice cold water, which is a bit of a downer cause the bath water is usually not ice cold. So, we put some in a cup to get it to change.

Ruth B.


This toy looks like a fun bath toy for my 4.5 year old. She was actually not interested in playing with it, to my surprise. She seemed to expect it to move in the bath (on its own). I wondered as well if she likes barbies because they are princesses (and this is not a princess). I think other children would really enjoy this toy.

Krista M.


I thought this set would be a bigger interest to my daughters (F3, F5) than it was. They enjoyed it at first, but the novelty wore off faster than I expected. The set is simple to use, my youngest (F3) was able to use it almost all by herself and had fun spinning Chelsea on the bar or the balance beam. Barbie's ribbon broke fairly quickly, material would have been better than the thin plastic ribbon that came with the set. It's a neat set, but it didn't inspire creativity as much as I had hoped.


Manufacturer Description

2013 Themes include:

BARBIE® I CAN BE...™ Ocean Treasure Explorer

Item #: Y9347, for ages 5+

Barbie I Can Be... dolls and accessories let girls play out different roles and "try on" fabulous careers, including an ocean explorer. Barbie doll is ready to explore the sea's history and bounty in a stylish, pink-and-purple wetsuit with a scuba tank, mask, and flippers. Girls can set up the coral reef on its own or attach it to the tub or pool for water play. With the push of a button, a cute hermit crab pops out, and an oyster reveals its pearl. The squirty octopus and color-change turtle add extra splashy fun, while the chest opens (with the flip of a switch) to display a winking starfish and glittery treasures! Check out all the dolls and fashions in the Barbie I Can Be... collection (each sold separately).

  • Barbie doll wears a wetsuit with scuba tank, mask, and flippers
  • Use icy-cold water to change the color of her hairstreaks
  • Set includes coral reef, seahorse, octopus, turtle, and treasure chest
  • Reef attaches to a wall with the suction-cup mechanism
  • Lots of inspiring playtime for girls

BARBIE® I CAN BE...™ Gymnastics Teacher

Item #: Y7381, for ages 3+


Barbie I Can Be... dolls and accessories let girls play out different roles and "try on" fabulous careers, including a gymnastics teacher. Girls can help Barbie doll teach little Chelsea doll how to improve her skills. Just hook Chelsea doll into the balance beam and pull the bar to watch her twirl across. Then clip her wrists into the high bar and turn the side lever to see her spin in circles around it. A true champion, Chelsea doll is ready to accept her medal on the winner's podium, which doubles as a shelf. Plus, Barbie doll can win her own trophy for her fabulous floor routine — simply push the lever in her back to see her twirl the pink ribbon. Both dolls come dressed to impress in stylish uniforms with vibrant prints! Check out all the dolls and fashions in the Barbie I Can Be... collection (each sold separately).


  • Chelsea doll is dressed to tumble in a sleeveless uniform with a pretty pattern
  • Barbie doll wears a sleek, long-sleeve leotard with a bright print
  • Includes a balance beam, high bar, twirling ribbon, medal podium/shelf, bag, medal, and trophy
  • Lots of inspiring playtime for girls

Model Number

Asst. BBJ26

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