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Barbie® Pop-Up Camper

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $109.99

MSRP (USD): $99.99

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I like it because we get to play with the little pieces when my baby sister is not around. I like the chairs with seatbelts for them to sit and drive around. I like the wheel that is in the back that opens up to a fire with rocks where you could put the pretend marshmallows there. I like the sofa in the living room where they can sit and watch TV. I like the truck so they can drive and the fridge that opens up for the little food pieces, you can lock and unlock the fridge.



I like the little pieces-they are so awesome. I like that it pops up and they can eat on the top floor. The bathroom can turn into the driving place, the sink turns into the steering wheel. The hammock needs to be bigger, 2 inches longer.



This camper is cool. I love all the different rooms especially the pool and kitchen. I like the accessories and it's fun to have Barbie and her friends to have campfire together. I like how it can be a van and then a camper.



This is so much fun. I love camping and my Barbies like camping in my bedroom. The camper goes up and then there are two floors and they eat on the top floor with their table. The pool is in the bottom and after the Barbies eat they go down the slide and go swimming.


Sandra W.

F4 and F6 love anything to do with Barbie and were thrilled with this camper, especially the details like the pillows for the bed, the hammock, the toilet, the sink which flips over to be the steering wheel, the pull out pool with the slide. They enjoyed the different rooms (bedroom, bathroom, pool, living room, kitchen) and the many furniture pieces and accessories that enhanced the play value. All the furniture pieces and accessories fit back into the camper. They spent long periods of time coming up with stories about where Barbie was camping and what she was doing on her vacation. The top part pops up for a living room, and there is a pool that is pulled out like a drawer on the lower section of the camper. F6 was able to pull out and push back in the different parts but F4 had a little more trouble at times. The slide for the pool kept coming off when F4 was playing with it but she tends to be a little rough with toys. It was easy to put it back on though. The table attaches to a pedestal but it falls off very easily as it does not snap into place. The hammock has loops on both ends which attach to hooks on the ceiling but F2 easily removes it. Took a bit of time to stick all the stickers onto the toy, but they do enhance the play value.

Carolyn R.

The Barbie pop-up camper is a unique toy that is easily set up and taken down and stores easily as it doesn't take up much space. It has creative rooms when set up - kitchen, bathroom, dining area, bedroom, kitchen and even a pool - all set up in a manner of minutes. The accessories add to the play value and are thoughtfully designed. Collasping the van after playing is a little tricky and requires a little parental assistance. Cost value is a little expensive for our family but it would be a toy to invest it for multiple daughters. The camper continues to hold my daughters' interest F5 and F7 for the past 2 weeks. They were very excited to explore this toy and play value continues to be high. They like all the accessories but are easily misplaced so they only had a few to play with at a time. It was played with when there F20 months was sleeping so it was a special treat for them.

Tara R.

The ultimate transformer party bus! Miss M (F3) returns often to this toy, mostly using it as a doll house, rather than a vehicle to push around. Her favourite pretend thing to do, is make a meal and serve it to toy figures (Barbie and others). She likes the fully-extended height of the camper as well as the steering wheel/sink flip. The table & chairs get easily knocked off the top level, and there are tiny bits & pieces that can/will get easily lost/misplaced. I mistook the glasses for marker tops at one point. Hammock & chandelier fall off easily. That said, great care has been taken to ensure that every surface offers play, and the kids can access the camper from all sides. Everything from camping to slides to domestic life is incorporated here, providing all sorts of creative play situations. Nothing has broken, although I worry some of the plastic will snap if accidentally stepped on. Lower marks on function, as table & chairs are just too tippy. Putting decal stickers on took a fair group effort. Dad & 2 bros couldn't figure out a couple of spots (took Mom's fresh eyes to see it, all well). While there are instructions to store all the bits in the unit, the camper has remained fully extended for weeks at a time. If Barbie has moved into your household, she needs a place to stay, and this is a great place to hang out.

Susan C.

This camper is incredible. My daughter (4) spends most of her waking moments playing with the camper. It has a ton of fun features with furniture and expands into a large playing structure. I like that it is open on all sides so that she can play with friends on different sides. It is always parked outside her Barbie house and has become an extension of the house. There are many cool accessories which keep her busy with imagination play. She loves the table being on the very top level. We had an issue with one of the seat belts snapping. This has happened before with another Barbie car too.


Manufacturer Description

When road-ready, it's a glam vehicle with signature style and two seats upfront (with seatbelts, of course!) -- but lift the handle and it pops up to transform the camper into a three-story play set with all kinds of possibilities for an amazing outdoor camping adventure!

The transformation doesn't stop there! Convert the front cab into a bathroom -- remove the chairs to reveal a toilet underneath and flip the steering wheel to turn it into a sink. Transform the back of the cab by flipping over the spare tire cover to reveal a fire pit and opening the back door to reveal a kitchen complete with fridge, sink, oven and stove that lets kids' imaginations really get cooking! 

The center room has a double bed with hammock hanging above, perfect for a quick nap after a fun camping adventure.

Slide the pool out from the bottom of the camper and connect it to the slide that starts on the second floor. Barbie® doll can slide down from the second-story living room (featuring a couch, TV and glam chandelier) to make a splash at a fun campsite pool party.

On the third floor, set up the dining table and chairs for meals under the stars or a fancy picnic under the sun.

Recreate scenes from the movie that the camper appears in, Barbie™ & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure, or hop into the driver's seat to tell stories of your own.

Included accessories -- a fire pit, roasting sticks with marshmallows, cookware, food and place settings -- add to the camping storytelling fun.

With signature touches like a chandelier, pretend TV with remote and space for all four sisters to sleep (including the fun fabric hammock), Barbie® can really get glamping.

Camper Transforms into 3-Story Camp Site!: This camper defines glamping! Who wouldn’t want to head off into adventure in this fabulous vehicle that transforms from luxe RV to glam three-story campsite? It’s featured in the movie Barbie™ & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure, but imagination really gets things rolling. On the road, it’s a classic camper vehicle with Barbie® signature style -- pink with a stripe, silvery rims and Barbie® logo. But pull over, lift the handle and open to set up camp for the night -- turn sections of the vehicle into different camping rooms, like a kitchen, bathroom and living room, with ease. There’s even a pool and slide! It’s perfect for exploring adventurous tales, glamorous story lines and spectacular social scenes.

The Glamping Experience: To get glamping, open the door at the front of the cab and remove the two passenger seats -- that double as chairs -- to reveal the toilet; then flip the steering wheel over to turn it into a sink. Slots in the door and cab hold bathroom supplies like a towel, toothpaste and toothbrush in place. Open the door at the back of the camper to reveal the kitchen. A fridge, sink, oven and stove ensure meals are home-cooked, even on the road! Food accessories (like a carton of eggs and a juice bottle) and cookware (a frying pan and spatula) really get things cooking. Cool things down in the pool -- pull it out from the bottom of the camper and connect it to the slide that folds down from the roof of the camper to take a dip

Rooms Full of Fun!: For classic camper play, there’s also a bedroom, living room, dining area and fire pit. The body of the cab holds the sleeping quarters -- a bed (with soft blanket) and printed fabric hammock mean all four sisters have a cozy spot to sleep. As the handle is lifted up, it creates two additional rooms. The second-story living room is a perfect spot to hang the chandelier, set up the sofa, kick back and relax while watching “TV.” The third story deck is tops for dining with a view; a table and the two chairs fit perfectly. Grab dessert by the fire pit, created by flipping the spare tire cover, and roast marshmallows; four roasting sticks with marshmallows -- that fit on dolls’ hands -- are included.

Driving into Adventure: Additional accessories, like place settings and bed pillows add realism and fun to traditional play. Plus, the transforming features and glam touches make for modern twists. Kids will love exploring the world in this camper and glamping it up in style!

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  • Hang out in the living room on the cozy sofa under the chandelier to watch TV for a glamping experience -- there's even a TV remote.