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Barbie® Sisters Bike for Two!

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $32.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

Production Status: In Stores


For the most part this toy actually works. Our kid-testers were able to put the dolls on the bikes, and were fascinated to watch the dolls legs actualy "pedalling" the bike: bending up and down as the whells turned. Parents loved that the dolls are wearing helmets. Several families mentioned that some of their other knee-jointed dolls could also ride the bike (although not always so well). The fact that the set comes with two dolls was very popular - especially since one of the dolls is a little sister. The only complaint was that the chain guard kept slipping off - a nuissance that it happened as frequently as it did, although it didn't overly affect play value and was easily fixed. More significantly, the leg on one sample snapped off at the knee, although the doll continued to be incorporated into doll play even though she could no longer ride the bike. Overall, despite the negatives, this was a popular set that saw a lot of play.




I really like playing with the bike, the little girl was a cutie-patouti. The big sister was nice also she was very pretty. I liked that the big sister was taking care of her little sister and taking her to the park. they are sisters but they don't look at all like each other! It's really fun to see the legs go around and have them ride the bike. I was sad when the leg broke off because now my doll doesn't ride her bike anymore, she can do other things thought so I still play with her.



Don't forget her helmet & shoes.



Making the barbies ride the bike was fun. Some of my other Barbies could ride this bike too.



What I like best about this toy is that is comes with 2 Barbies, which is great the big sister and the little sister. What I don't like is that the big Barbie's legs don't always work on the bike.


Marie-Lise H.

Mia (F8) really enjoyed playing with this doll and the bike. Unfortunately the dolls leg broke off at the knee - it completely snapped off. A chain guard also broke off the bike but that is no big deal. No other doll can use the bike as the joints are not as flexible as hers. I contacted Mattel today and they did not have the doll on file so they could not help me - the doll can be purchased at Toysrus, I checked out the web site, so it should be in their file. Anywhooo... The service rep will check things out for me and see if they can help. Update start of August: I have never heard back from the company. Mia plays with the doll and uses it as a amputee in her game play. I like that even in imaginary play Mia respects the physical limitations on the doll and incorporates it in a positive manner.

Lisa G.

This toy was a hit. Zahra (F4) enjoyed problem solving and figuring out how to take the dolls on and off. The design is innovative and its very neat how it actually cycles. One of the only things I didn't like was the wobbly legs of the dolls....all they are good for is the bike and nothing else. I think that's the only way they could get it to work. Zahra doesn't seem to mind the wobbly legs. Overall a really neat toy or gift for the girl who loves Barbie!

Susan K.

Very realistic, nice combination of an adult doll & child doll on bike with attachment. Excellent toy to engage your child to introduce them to bike riding or riding with a parent. I really liked the fact that the dolls had helmets that could be removed & put on again.

Kim M.

I am disappointed with this toy. The bike does work, occasionally. The "chain" (black rubber band) keeps coming off the bike, making big Barbie unable to turn the wheels on her bike. Her "chain" guard also continually comes off. While both of these are easily fixied, it is the number of times this needs to be done that is frustrating.

Julianne B.

This was the go-to toy for my daughter (4). She loved playing with it. A few pieces of the bike came off (the chain guards) but it didn't effect the playvalue of it for her, and anything that fell off was easily reattached. It was easy to for her to attach the dolls to. Some of her other Barbies (the ones with leg joints) were also able to ride the bike but not quite as smoothly as the dolls that came with the toy.


Manufacturer Description

Girls can help Skipper® and Chelsea® dolls spend quality time together on a tandem bike ride with the new Barbie® Sisters’ Bike for Two! Bike comes with Skipper® and Chelsea® dolls who feature moveable jointed legs so as the bike is being pushed the dolls can actually ride and ‘pedal’ along.

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