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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $119.99

MSRP (USD): $89.99

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I just love this camping van. It's really hard to close the camper up and attach it to the van, but this is one of my favourite toys ever! It's just like a real camping trailer. It's just like a real camping trailer and my Barbies can go camping just like I do, and they have sticks with marshmallows! They can take showers, too, and you can move the shower and the curtains! They can even watch TV! Look, they have bunkbeds! I love the Barbie blanket and pillows, it looks really pretty. I can make cupcakes because I have a fridge and oven! All of my Barbies can go in it and have a party! We play with it all the time and go camping all over the house.



Barbie and Chelsey (Barbie



I love this Barbie camper! They can roast marshmallows and have a picnic then go to bed. I can put it all back together and drive to the next camping spot.



Its perfect for me!


Christina B.


Lily (3.5) had a lot of fun with this camper toy. She loved the little details and the little accessories, especially the marshmallows on a stick for the fire pit. She did have some trouble being able to fold open and closed the camper on her own and got a bit frustrated at that. Also, from a parent perspective, the toy was huge and hard to store out of the way. Lily preferred to use the toy in the car form than the camping form.

Cathy M.


The Barbie camper is a great addition to any Barbie collection. The furniture and accessories match other Barbie furniture currently on the market, so it really is like an extension of Barbie's world. We were the second family to test it so I cannot comment on the assembly portion of it. It is a very good size and so several Barbies can fit in at the same time, playing in different zones. There are tons of details, accessories and pretty typical Barbie colours. Definitly lots to do and play with for Barbie fans. Some areas of the camper are a bit flimsy (add-on pieces like canopy, table, etc). In fact, a piece was broken when we got it, after being tested with only one family. This is consistent with other recent Barbie houses and furniture. For the price, I would expect it to be sturdier and be able to handle being dragged around as any camper would. This being said, the camper stayed open as my daughter (5) loved playing with it on site, not moving it around.

Elyse S.


This is great toy with lots to do - and my girls love anything pink - especially barbie! Im a bit concerned about the flimsiness but it has all held up so far and is really fun for my F5 daughter to set up and pack in when she wantes to move it around.

Tammy W.

We were thrilled to be able to test this toy. It's a perfect companion to the Barbie doll house, jeep, car, etc... I like how the camper fits several Barbies and is large enough for multiple children to play with. Ava F5 really enjoys using the fridge and oven to prepare food for the Barbies. Carleigh F3 likes to fill the vehicle with as many Barbies as possible and drive them around. The toy has so many detailed features that allows for hours and hours of imaginative play. We had a bit of difficulty closing the camper, and the side mirrors would not stay on long. There are pieces of the camper that seem very flimsy, like the canopy over the table, the table itself, and the top bed. The stickers were extremely sticky and one must be very careful putting all those little stickers on. Instructions were very handy. The price is a little scary, and after seeing various versions of the camper over the years, I would have hoped for a more sturdy structure - I find the camper itself is very flimsy when opened up, there is no solid base for it and a slight nudge puts everything out of place, so the girls really loved how the plates and cups stick to the table, and they also loved the seatbelts in the camper van. The campfire and marshmallow sticks were a nice addition...all that was missing were lawnchairs!

Krista M.

My youngest daughter (F3) came downstairs to this camper set up and open and all we heard was "Wow!" With all the parts and accessories it certainly is a wow toy! This camper comes with so many play areas! There are a lot of accessories and all the small parts store inside the camper easily making clean up and storage a breeze! Barbie has two bunk beds and a fold down double bed to sleep in, a shower, picnic table and eating area, kitchen, tv and a campfire! There are a few flimsy pieces like the top bunk, picnic table and camper mirrors, and my husband was frsutrated setting it up with the numerous small pieces and that he had to put the stickers inside the dashboard, so smaller hands may be better for assembly. I love how big the camper opens up, so that my daughters (F3, F5) and daycare kids (F3, F5, M3, M7) can all play together. The kids love packing it up and driving it around, then opening it up again. They are fascinated by the seatbelts and always ensure Barbie is safe. No dolls came with the camper, but we had many at home to test with it! This has definitely been a favourite toy and is used for hours a day. Compact storage, but plenty of space to play!! The camper is a great alternate to a full Barbie house, especially if space is an issue.


Manufacturer Description

Two-in-One Set — a Vehicle and a Camper! Barbie and her sisters love to take camping trips together, and with this two-in-one RV set, girls can play out the perfect family vacation! The stylish vehicle separates for a smaller ride for two dolls and a horse (not included), while the camper opens to reveal multiple play areas where the four sisters (not included) can eat, sleep, swim, and more!

Make Meals and Dine Al Fresco - The kitchen is a great place to prepare yummy meals, with the stove, oven, sink, and even a hot chocolate maker (for those cold nights and chilly mornings)! Girls can swing out the table for outside dining — under a canopy and pink chandelier! — or grab the top of the smaller vehicle to double as a bench.

A Night of R&R and S’mores! - After a long day, the sisters can relax and rejuvenate in the beautiful pool. It wouldn’t be a true camping experience without roasting s’mores, so the pool flips over to become a fire pit. When it’s time to turn in, the full bathroom pulls out, and the beds fold down to create a bedroom — complete with big-screen TV — that can sleep Barbie doll and her sisters.

Fabulous Details and Extras - The Deluxe Camper is designed in beautiful pink (of course!) with glam details and comes with fun play pieces, including plates, cups, food, and “marshmallows” on sticks. When the camping trip is over, easily pack up everything, reattach the vehicle and camper, and hit the road! To maximize the play, check out the dolls in the Barbie® Sisters 2-Pack Assortment (sold separately).

What’s in the Box? - Deluxe Camper set includes bedding, a pool/fire pit, food pieces, and dishes.

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  • Pool turns over to become a fire pit