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Barbie™ Star Light Adventure Flying RC Hoverboard

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $74.99

MSRP (USD): $59.99

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This is just like the movie they advertise on TV! It's so light, it's made that way so it can fly good. It's going everywhere! I love making Barbie go in circles! It actually flies pretty smoothly and it's really neat that a toy can do that. It's hard to control at first but with practice it gets easier. I like the 360 moves. It looks really cool. It's fun trying to control it right so it flies around the house without hitting things. The launch and land buttons work very well. It's light to carry and doesn't fall apart like other remote controls, but you have to charge it all the time. It doesn't last long at all. Also the propeller fell off.


Tammy W.

The girls f8 and f6 are constantly fighting over this toy. It is exciting to try to get the hovercraft to stay hovering around the house as long as possible before hitting a wall. The launch and land button works very well and the hovercraft has smooth movements. The girls are very impatient with the amount of time it takes to charge the toy and only get 5-10 minutes of play time out of a full charge. It is not easy to plug the charger into the hovercraft from the remote control as the space is very tiny and the foam is in the way. It takes 2 hours to charge the toy. Once charged, the kids get 5-10 minutes of play time before it needs to be recharged. This is incredibly frustrating. We also don't like how the charging cord sits in the remote to plug into the hovercraft. It's a good idea but the remote control door that holds the cord is difficult to keep closed. The propellers look easily breakable and the foam hovercraft could eventually chip or dent. A propeller has already fallen off and got lost so thankfully there are extras in the box. I wasn't expecting the toy to be made out of foam but it really does work well and flies pretty smoothly with the small propellers. We love the launch and land button and the 360 degree turning is awesome, but It is difficult to learn to control it and definitely takes a lot of practice. It's is marked as an indoor toy but I can't wait to try it outside. I think we will be able to control it better outdoors as there are a lot of walls to hit in our house and therefore not very open concept so the hovercraft doesn't have a wide path to fly around. The girls (8 & 6) love learning how to control it, making it swerve from room to room and making the perfect landing. They think it's hilarious when they lose control and it crashes or sticks to the wall. I am concerned that getting the propellers stuck in a kids hair could be a disaster. Also, if a child sticks their finger in the propeller while grabbing it out of the air, it could hurt. Luckily the propellers are made of plastic so damage would be minimal. The instructions do advise to never touch the propellers.


Manufacturer Description

Based on the space fantasy movie Barbie™ Star Light Adventure, this working RC Hoverboard with Barbie® doll rider on top is truly out of this world -- because it really flies! Join Barbie™ and her friends as they travel through a galaxy of sparkling stars and colorful characters. The innovative remote-controlled flying toy brings the hoverboarding action seen in the movie to life for high-flying fun. Recreate the exciting action of the galactic tale in which Barbie™ embarks on an adventure throughout the galaxy -- training, traveling and saving the universe. Help her practice and complete her mission by taking control of the action. It's so easy to operate with simple mechanisms and one-button maneuvers! The colorful shimmery remote features an easy-to-use joystick and a simple sliding lever to adjust the flying height. Four propellers work to lift the flying toy into the air, control the direction and complete amazing stunts. Automatic launch and land features make take-off and landing simple with just one easy press of a button. Practice all kinds of flight maneuvers to perfect your Barbie® doll's flying skills, and get started with three pre-set flying stunts for cool tricks that soar right out of the box!

Model Number

Item #: DLV45

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  • -Help Barbie® figure practice and complete her mission by using the buttons and joystick on the colorful remote control to direct the flying hoverboard’s movements.