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Barbie® Toy Story 3 MADE FOR EACH OTHER® Giftset

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

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I like Barbie and I like her brushable hair. I can brush it and do things with her hair. She is so pretty. Ken is ok but I like Barbie more.



I like the doll because you can take off the shoes and put other ones on. I like the man because this is my first man doll and you need a man doll to go with Barbie. They look like the toys in Toy Story 3. I like to play with them a lot.



I think her hair looks pretty in the ponytail.



Mommy, can I bring him to daycare to show my friends I have a Daddy doll. He's so nice but he wasn't nice before. He's gonna be the Daddy and she's gonna be the Mommy ok!


Maggie W.


They are a very adorable couple both Barbie and Ken.  My daughter Marissa (5) really enjoyed playing with Barbie while her older sister Katy (8) really liked to play with Ken.  It is nice that Barbie has her brushable hair but it would be nicer if Ken had brushable hair too.  They are a very good replica of their characters to Toy Story 3.  It is nice that you can get both together as a set but my daughter Marissa had no interest in playing with the Ken doll but because they came together as a set she uses it once in a while. They are both a big hit with me as I have always loved Barbie and Ken when I was growing up so it is nice to see that not much has changed with the characters.

Orietta M.


For me it is just another Barbie doll. What is nice about it is that it comes in a set. I think it is important kids play with both male and female dolls. It helps with pretend play. I like how these dolls are spitting image of the characters in Toy Story 3. Both my children remembered that these dolls resembled the characters in the movie.

Jo M.


The Toy Story Barbie is very popular with both Kierra (4) and Hailee (2). She frequently does groceries with us and is in the bath and shower. The Spandex outfit that she came in is very difficult to take on and off and as a result it has a tear in it. It is impossible for the girls to put it on without help especially because when it comes off it is inside out and hard to turn right side. The box showed that Barbie came with a purse but it wasn't in the box. The Ken doll is not played with as frequently as the Barbie. He came with shorts, a shirt, shoes and a necktie (which has gone missing). It appears that his head has come loose from his body and can't be pushed back down.

Sylvie S.


This is Aliyah's first Ken doll so she was very excited to get a Daddy doll as she calls him. She was also very excited because they are the Toy Story dolls and she has seen the ltest of the Toy Story movies. She was recounting the movie and telling me how the Daddy doll wasn't very nice but that he became nice after. She loves playing with her Ken doll more than Barbie because it is still so new to her to have the male version of Barbie.


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Power couple Barbie® and Ken® are together on screen in “Toy Story 3.” Relive favorite moments with the Barbie® and Ken® gift set, which features the dazzling duo in iconic outfits they wear in the film! *Name subject to change.

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