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Mattel, Inc.

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $59.99

MSRP (USD): $49.99

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This new BARBIE doll has necklace that's actually a Video camera, so girls can record the world the way BARBIE sees it. It's a cool idea, and our testers were initially very excited about playing with the doll. However, it's not really a play doll, at least not for traditional fashion play since changing outfits isn't an option (other outfits cover up the camera). Also,kids were disappointed to notice that that the video didn't really look like it was from Barbie's perspective (eyes). The video quality wasn't great, but it was on par with what most testers would expect from a toy. With 27 minutes of memory and a LCD screen on the doll's editing software to embellish your flick.




The barbie is really pretty, but I don't really like the big hole in her clothes. The camera part is cool, I like to record my brothers and sisters. I can't undo her hair from the pony tail because after that I could not see the video part. I don't like it when I try to play with her because I have to be careful not to turn the movie part on. So I mostly play with her when I want to record. It's a great idea, but if I only had one Barbie, it would be sad not to be able to play with her much.



It is pretty cool but it would be nice to see things from Barbie’s eyes instead of her chest.



I like using this Barbie because I can take pictures. It is easy for me to use. I just push the middle button and if I don't want the video I push the garbage can. I can take this doll on the next trip and take videos. I like that Daddy helps me download it. I am learning new stuff.



Her clothes are awesome. It was cool to use her like a video camera, but the screen is not very clear. I am still upset about the way the camera works because I can't see things clearly.



Before I even play with it, I thought it was pretty cool that you could see the view from Barbie’s perspective! And that you could use her as a camera and she looks like an ordinary every day, doll. Very nice (very pretty, beautiful, and normal doll). It’s cool that you put the batteries in her LEGS!!! She has a lot of nice clothes. I like playing with her as a Barbie as well, but I like seeing the game from her perspective. It is neat to give it to friends but not tell them that the video is on, so you can see what they do when they play. It would be nice to see the perspective from her eyes instead of her chest because when you put in a car, all you can see is the dashboard of the car as she drives around.


Amy C.

Lyra (F6) was so excited. But when she filmed some things, she was disappointed she couldn't see them on the small screen too well. Even when we connected everything to the computer, sheer disappointment. The picture quality was awful. Having a hard time finding the upside on this expensive doll. Pretty on the outside, but not much substance. This toy just did not live up to it's billing and the fun faded after the first 2 days.

Marie-Lise H.

I think this is an awesome idea! I liked the way the doll bends, the joints all move well, there is no forcing of her legs to make her sit. The clothes she comes with are nice, but we would not be able to share clothes from the other dolls as the camera could not be seen. I think if this doll is used for taping and not for everyday play it would be fine. I had to cut the sweater to open it because it would make a shadow on the video. As for the video, they are not very clear, the sound is muffled, but really kids do not need top of the line video capability, and this is more than good enough. Website was note yet up during testing. June 6th Note: The website is finally up. We have been downloading the pictures my daughter made on my regular computer, it will be fun to finally put it all together. One main issue is that the software is only PC compatible, so I have to get off my Mac and download the software somewhere else. The battery has lasted well until now. We were able to put over 30 minutes of film before downloading. I am hopeful that with the editing software the picture could be clearer. Note: I can see that in hands that are too immature the video taping could be embarrassing. Fortunately, my kids all respect privacy and we did not have awkward taping.

Laurie T.

I think that this is a really cool concept, but the girls (9 and 12) are seeing some problems with it - such as the inability to dress her in clothes that they want because you have to be careful not to hide the video camera on her chest. Also, you are seeing the play from the perspective of Barbie’s chest which is a little different from the view from her eyes. Things can block the camera view that aren’t necessarily blocking the view from her eyes. Also, it is hard to watch what you are filming as you are doing unless you hold the doll up and then you aren’t really seeing the play from her perspective anymore.

Orietta M.

My daughter (5) loves this toy. She loves anything to do with Barbie and the fact that she video tapes things she enjoys doing that. It is easy enough for her to use so it is appealing for her.

Bruno M.

The video concept is great. Ease of use of the video with the computer is wonderful. I would give that a 9/10. Picture quality is pretty good for a toy. Incorporating a video with a Barbie doll is very odd. and the placement of the video is poor - between the bust is an odd place to put it.


Manufacturer Description

Lights, Barbie®, Action! Girls can create movies from Barbie® doll's point-of-view with a real video camera inside Barbie® doll. With the camera lens in her necklace and a color LCD video screen on her back, girls will have endless fun recording and playing back their digital masterpieces with close to 30 minutes of recording time. Editing software available at Barbie.com enhances videos with the ability to add music, visual and sound effects!

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  • 25+ minutes of memory