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Battle Strikers Tournament Set - Metal XS

MEGA Brands, Inc.

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $59.99

MSRP (USD): $48.99

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These battle strikers are cool. They’re exactly like the plastic ones which I think are more safe than these hard metal ones. The idea is also pretty much like plastic one where you have to fight. What is different about it is that you put them in the arena and then let go and you can control them with a magnet. I think the magnet shouldn’t be as strong though because you need to put it really close to the turbo tops and then the magnet attaches to the turbo tops.



I like to fight with them. I like the red one better because it fights better--it usually wins. The blue one goes too slow and doesn't really work as well--otherwise the set is perfect.



It is really weird (and dangerous) that the spiny things are made of metal, but surprisingly, it does not hurt that much. It is reaaaaaaaaaaaaly hard to put the spiny things together. The instructions weren’t very good. It was fun afterwards but was very confusing.



I really like this game, it's great! I can make the battle striker move without touching it. There is not a big plastic sting to use to make the striker launch like the old game. It is much easier to use. It really is much better with the arena, the battle strikers stay in one spot and they can hit each other.



I think it's a very fun game to be able to control your top and it's a fun way of playing something like a computer game, without being on the computer. Sometimes the control is not so good and the top jumps to the controller and sticks to it, which messes up the game.



It's hard to control the tops. You can keep it up longer when you move the top with the finger thing than with the controller. The square "arena" is better than the round one because the round one is too small and the top pops out. The red top is the only one where you can't lose, the blue one mostly loses.



This is the best toy! I really like playing with it. It is much easier to use than the old battle strikers - there are no strings to pull. I like to use the plastic arena, [because then] I am not afraid to scratch the floor when we use it. It is easy to use and the strikers spin really fast.


Marc T.

The finger magnet control thing did not control the tops very well. You had to find the perfect distance to control them from - when you got to close the top came up and stuck itself to the finger controller, but too far away and they weren’t detected. When we first starting playing and dropped our tops into the ring, they would hit each other and fly out of the ring. It seemed that the walls on the ring should be higher to keep them in a bit more. This game has to be played away from any furniture or other stuff that may be damaged by flying metal tops. Other than that, it was a bit of a boring game. It would be more challenging if the finger controls really worked.

Golda W.

My kids (6-12)have had experience playing with Battle Strikers tops before. For some reason they had a lot more trouble putting them together--they found the diagrams showing the order of construction a bit confusing. Once the tops were put together, however, they loved the shiny flashing tops and the new launchers. They also enjoy comparing the different ratings for speed and endurance and comparing the ratings to how the tops perform, which I think is weirdly scientific! Mostly, of course, they just love battling the tops to see who's the last top standing.

Laurie T.

The game had instant appeal. However, it lost some of its appeal after playing with it because of the difficulty in controling the tops with the finger controls as you had to be close to the top but too close and they grabbed the top out of the stadium. This may be an age factor but I think that it was more a result of the design. The instructions were very hard to read and even dad had a hard time understanding them and putting the tops together. The tops are made of metal and are whizzing around quite fast. The arena walls are very low and the tops would fly out of the arena on a frequent basis. If they were to hit a child, it would be very painful. There was also concern about the tops hitting and causing damage to surrounding furniture and other objects.

Marie-Lise H.

The Battle Strikers had to be put together - and there where many pieces. A little hard to set up, you had to read the instructions very well. One of the kids just could not get the stricker to snap together so I had to help. [Once assembled] the kids (6-10) had no problems to get them to work. They could make them manouver easily and they play quite a while with them.


Manufacturer Description

Experience the intensity of clashing metal battles in the official Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set. Experience the high-speed action and sound of metal-on-metal clashing at over 6000 revolutions per minute! The Metal XS Tournament set brings the next level of battling technology and control into your hands with full metal weapons, new motorized launchers, powerful magnetic controllers to be used in the official Battle Strikers Knockout Arena. The Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set includes 2 Turbo Boost Launchers, 2 DLX Magnetic Controllers, 2 Metal XS Strikers, and the brand new Knockout Arena. The new Turbo Boost Launcher features a more ergonomic grip and hand-guard with faceplate for high-impact launches! The DLX Controller features a full-hand grip and magnetic fingertip that can be adjusted to left or right hands of any length. Power up your Turbo Boost Launchers, load them up with Viking TS and Shredder GT Metal XS Strikers, and launch them into the Knockout Arena for fast and furious metallic battles! (3 AA batteries required per launcher). Overwhelm your opponent by summoning the fierce StrikerSoul of Viking TS! Its powerful armored helm can be used for intense metal horn attacks to shred through your opponent's defenses. The Control Booster and Super Balance Tip aid in keeping command of this powerful warrior. Shredder GT contains a StrikerSoul that was engineered by humans to be the ultimate Striker! Its perfectly balanced saw-blade Weapon slowly cuts spin away from the opponent. The Balance Booster enhances its balance even further, and the Stamina Tip allows it to slowly shave away the opponent until they grind to a halt! All Battle Strikers Metal XS are fully customizable. Take Weapons, Boosters and Tips from any Metal XS or Series 2 Strikers and customize them to increase performance and power! Pick the right strategy and parts to match your play style to increase your chances to win. The more Strikers you have, the more powerful you become!

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