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Battleship Live

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $59.99

MSRP (USD): $49.99

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The tech behind this game was quite intriguing when the game ws first introduced in 2011. Despite a few electronic glitches, our testers raved about how much they love playing this new tower controlled electronic Battleship game. Like earlier Electronic Battleship games, this one is accompanied by urgent battle sounds.  What's different, is the centre tower with its Motion Vision Play technology (an infrared motion detection and control system) that controls the game, keeping track of each players options, hidden mines, etc. It also introduces a number of random events during the game - like a Tsunami wave or a sudden typhoon. As well, it gives each of your ships a special power - like your battleship with its cruise missile that can sink a ship with just one hit. You can use each power only once during the game, the question is when best to use it? Wait too long and your opponent may well sink your ship and its unused special power with it. 

Our favourite feature is the spy plane which soars along the oval track into enemy territory where it reports on the number of enemy ships in the zone where it stops. But if you flip it too hard, it will fly past the enemy and inadvertently report on your own ships.

The tower certainly adds interesting dynamics to the game, but it does rely on on players to pay attention and move carefully so that the Tower "sees" and registers the correct moves. With it's actual, right-in-front-of-you board game set up, it has its own kind of appeal - maybe even cooler than an electronic hand held game, although perhaps not quite as easy-to-use, or reliable. 




The spy plane is awesome, I can use one of my turns to send it over to the other side and it will tell me if there are boats in a certain sector - that way I can contain my torpedoes in that area. I like that you move your canon yourself to attack and not just say ransom letters. Oh and there are no little white or red pegs to loose. I like that I put my hands on the 2 confirm pads it's like in the movies or something. This game has strategy and the extra powers your boats have is great.



I lost the main battleship so the game doesn't work, even if you have the rest. I like that you can figure out how to play it by playing the tutorial, instead of reading the instructions.



This game is another version of the clasic board game of Battleship. Instead of only being able to call where you want to fire, this game has submarine mistles attack planes and mines. I found this game very fun when I first started playing it, however after a few rounds, the game malfunctioned and became a broken record. Although the idea of having an electronic board game is cool, this game was not as reliable as its original. Once we got into the game again, I had a good time, but I prefer the original.



This game is hardly like Battleship at all. It's really fun to play but you have to concentrate the whole time to know what you need to do. I love electronic games so I really like it. I like that you can do all sorts of things like sending a spy plane to find which zone the ships are in. I also like that you can move the ships. It's a very long game- it takes about 45 minutes to play one game.



I really liked the game, I liked using the plane to find out where the others would have their boats.  I didn't like it when the computer would get stuck, we usually stopped playing when that happened.  It was really cool that I had to place my hands to confirm my shots, I was in control.  Computers are amazing.



I think its a brilliant idea to have eletronic battleship instead of the confusing old fashioned way. Its also very good for children who like to stare at a couputer for a hour playing battle ship, now they don't have to do that and could play screenless without confusion.

The bad thing about it is that the board keeps on getting loose and we have to stop and fix it, and I think the voice is creepy intelligent and strict sounding.



It's more like real life battles than the regular game. It tells you to take turns putting down pieces in the first row and when you're done putting down each one you click on the "confirm" button. There are three hidden mines in the top row. There are different powers you can use when you're in the higher rows. On the first row you can use 2 commands, on the second row you can use 3 commands and on the top row you can use 4 commands, like moving a battleship one space, shooting or using a special power. The best power is the aircraft carrier: You can send a plane to the other side and it shoots at any zone it ends up in. Also the spy plane is cool: it tells you how many planes are in the zone it ends up in. There are hazards like high currents or low on fuel.



It's electronic and it's REALLY cool! It's very different than regular Battleship- it's a lot more complicated. The ships have a lot of lives. I love the special powers you get- like the Tomahawk Missle. So cool!



It is a more "civilized" way of playing Battleship;  you can't cheat for one thing.  The computer knows it all!  I like that you can move your ships and the special powers each ship has is pretty fun.  The little surprises that the computer throws at us make the game more interesting., we don't have any control about what is going to happen. Oh and I won against my dad this morning.  Great way to start the day!



It is a more "civilized" way of playing Battleship; you can't cheat for one thing. The computer knows it all! I like that you can move your ships, and the special powers each ship has is pretty fun. The little surprises that the computer throws at us make the game more interesting, we don't have any control about what is going to happen. Oh and I won against my dad this morning. Great way to start the day!


Rebecca Y.


The kids (M7.75, F10) are in awe of this game! What a cool take on Battleship- it's like a real battle! Such a cool game! Us adults have enjoyed it as much (if not more!) than the kids! We found that if the lighting was off somehow (too bright on one side, or too dim) then there were some glitches but once we moved the board, it cleared it up. The voice is very clear and I love the volume control. It's very easy to set up and the computer can really detect everything- it's pretty amazing. It gives a little 'tutorial' but I think it would be helpful to have real instructions because it's taken a couple of play sessions to figure some of the features out and the kids got frustrated not knowing what could/couldn't be done.

Golda W.


My kids enjoy playing with this Battleship game more than any other version, by far. The interactivity is more than just bells and whistles--they also make the game more exciting. The only downside is the time spent putting it together makes it less likely that they will just impulsively pick it up and start playing. The large pieces also make it a little awkward to put away between games.

Sue A.


I watched my son play a few times with different friends and each time the game itself had a "glitch", which would have caused the boys to have to start over. In both cases they chose to simply put the game away. They did enjoy playing while things were functioning. The instructions were a bit slow sometimes and patience was needed while playing. Also, the board needed to stay set up properly in order to function and it would sometimes fall apart. The game would stop and ask to be fixed…that was cute, but the boys found it a bit frustrating. The added concepts of air strikes and such did add some interest. I personally enjoy the simplicity and the learning opportunity presented with the original battleship game over this version.

Marie-Lise H.

The computer aspect of this game is really neat, unfortunately there are a few glitches and when it got stuck we needed to restart the game, that was not so much fun. The game needed to be dismantled every time and after a few games it was starting to show wear and tear, but it was such a novel way of playing that it was a family favorite.


Manufacturer Description

You're at the controls in this head-to-head sea battle with an interactive talking tower, sound effects and surprise events. Motion Visio Play brings the game to life for a realistic, edge-of-your-seat adventure every time you play!

Go live! In this fun version of the classic BATTLESHIP game, the electronic talking tower calls the plays! With motion sensing, sound effects and even surprise game-changing events, the tower guides the game from start to finish while you plot your strategy and command your ships. Launch the spy plane to spot your enemy and use your ship’s special powers to sweep for minds, launch air attacks, fire missiles and more. With so many things to do, this “naval battle” is more thrilling than ever!

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  • Featuring the Electronic Talking Tower: Realistic sounds effects, motion sensor that tracks your moves, surprise game-changing events