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Bendaroos® Flexible Building Sticks

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $6.99

MSRP (USD): $5.99

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Colourful waxed strings that stick without leaving a residue - a terrific concept. Unfortunately, these are not so easy to work with, and several testers were frustrated that they couldn't replicate the patterns illustrated. The process works better if you warm the wax in your fingers first, but even then, it was hard to get the strings to stay stuck together, and they made fairly chunky-looking creations. Nevertheless, once higher expectations were put aside, the Bendaroos are still fun for what you can make.




The Bendaroos would not stick together and I could not make the heart I saw on the box. The heart I made was not as pretty and it was harder than I thought.



I did not like this toy. It wasn't like what I saw on T.V. The sticks would not stick together.



I like making different things with all the pieces, sometimes it is hard. i tried my best to make things with the sticks. But sometimes the things i made didn't really look like the picture.



I have played with Bendaroos before so I know we have to work the sticks so they stay together. I made a rainbow with a pot of gold. I tried to make a heart like the example and I couldn't, that was too hard, but I still like them.



I made a jet that was really cool. I like the feel on the bendaroos in my hand, I like that I can play with 1 piece and make a lot of different things.


Marie-Lise H.

The kids (6-10 years) were able to all make a craft and although they had fun they all said the sticks did not stick well and it was harder to make a form than they thought. Genevieve (10) was able to make the heart like on the front of the box and it was cute, but not what she wanted. I think the sticks need to be worked and warmed up before they stick well and the kids just did not have the patience to work the pieces well enough - they just wanted them to stick right away. THe Bendaroos are reussable and I will read the instructions that came with the box to see if there would be an easier way to get the sticks ready to work with. Although we did not make a lot of artwork like the examples on the box, we did play with the Bendaroos. We made a little game to try and make the most things with just 1 stick. It is amazing what children can imagine. From that game I found out my 6 yr old knew most of the letters of the alphabet. So while they were not all that easy to use to make complicated designs, sometimes you can have a lot of fun with a string.

Iwona V.

My 7 year old said she'd seen the commercial on TV and these looked awesome, so she was very excited when she saw them. Her first reaction was " oh, these are a lot smaller than they looked on tv". She was disappointed that they didn't quite form the way she thought they would, after seeing them on tv. She tried and tried to get them to stay bent, but they didn't. She got frustrated and left the toy. I took her creations and tried to press the bendaroos together more so that they would stick, which they did, but she didn't seem too impressed. My 3 year old however liked the creations and took them. She tried to make her own creations, but I think it's too difficult for my 3 year old. The kids became frustrated with it and didn't want to play anymore, especially when the bendaroo creations fell apart. Neither of the girls are playing with it after the first few times.

Orietta M.

I am not convinced that my daughter really knows how to use them to make things. She has spent a good amount of time creating things, ie. pizza, heart, etc. but she gets tired of twisting them and manipulating them so sometimes her art pieces are incomplete and she doesn't want to continue. We also have a hard time storing them in the box they came in. We have since put them in a container (perhaps they should come in their own reusable container). My 3 year old doesn't like playing with them. He gets board easily by them. He will start to twist and turn them and then just leaves the activity. I am reluctant to leave a 3 year old with this toy they can easily chew the pieces. I think this toy is more suitable for 5 year olds.

Julianne B.

This craft had good play value for about the first 15 minutes we played with them. My 7 year old quickly tired of them after she made a few things. The 3 year old enjoyed them a bit more and took them out of the box at least once a week to play with them. I did not like the waxy feel that is left on your hands, although it did not bother the children. The kids did not like the suggestions on the instruction sheet, so we visited the website (while we played with the sticks) to get some ideas of what to make. There were some interesting ideas on website, and my seven year old tried a few, but got frustrated with the visual instructions and walked away. My three year old enjoyed just making shapes with the sticks.

Sylvie S.

As it mentions on the package, Bendaroos can be bent and unbent and used over and over again. Together, we've created refrigerator stick ons, a nice heart shaped one and a rainbow. We've even used them as a kind of fridge magnet, sticking half of our creations on the fridge and the other half on whatever it was we wanted to pin to the fridge. It's nice that the package contains a booklet showing us how to create some of those masterpieces. We have also used them with other art projects, just sticking them on paper, not needing any glue, thus avoiding another mess. They have a neat feel to them, and they are not at all messy. This is really a cool invention. They are just fantastic. I feel, however, that Aliyah (3) is not yet old enough to play with these properly. She got frustrated because she wanted to make a heart like on the package and couldn't make it look the same. I don't expect that out of a 3 year old. She was being too hard on herself. She did bend and twist quite a few telling me she had created bugs. I also made her a ring and a bracelet, which she was quite proud to wear. They hold together very well.


Manufacturer Description

Made from colored string coated with a special wax, Bendaroos® Flexible Building Sticks allow children to bend, twist, and shape 2-D and 3-D creations that will adhere to most surfaces. Bendaroos® are mess-free and reusable - they always hold their shape but can be re-molded and used again and again. After a successful launch of the brand in Fall 2008, millions of the 500-, 200- and 100-packs have been sold. New Bendaroos® items, available starting this spring, include a creativity center for sculpting, handy molding tools, and “glow” varieties, bringing even more creativity to homes and classrooms across America. New 2010 Bendaroos® products include: Bendaroos® Creativity Center: Comes complete with everything needed to bend, mold, display, and store! The Creativity Center features a rotating plate, BendaModels™ for easy 3-D modeling, tools to mold, shape and cut, storage space, and 100 Bendaroos® building sticks. (MSRP: $19.99) Bendaroos® 500 Piece Mega Pack with Tools: Now the classic Bendaroos® 500 Piece Mega Pack includes fun tools for the young artist. In addition to BendaModels™ for 3-D creations, the new Mega Pack comes with a crimper and cutter tool, as well as templates and a fun guide. (MSRP: $19.99) Bendaroos® 300 Piece Glow-in-the-Dark Pack: With the new 300 piece Glow-in-the-Dark pack, children can admire their masterpieces anytime - day or night. The new variety spices up any creation, making an underwater adventure or starry night creation come to life! (MSRP: $14.99) New Bendaroos® 200 Piece Theme Packs: To satisfy any interest, 200 piece theme packs will be available in Royal Fantasy, Tropical Island, Sports & Play, and Enchanted Forest. (MSRP: $9.99) New Bendaroos® 100 Piece Theme Packs: The perfect on-the-go activity, new 100 piece theme packs will be available in Hearts, Stars & Rainbows, Space & Sky, Puppies & Kittens, and Sweets & Treats. (MSRP: $5.99) Bendaroos® building sticks can be found at major retailers nationwide such as Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Kmart.

Year Introduced



  • 100 pieces in 8 colours: yellow, hot pink, white, neon red, orange, black, neon green and blue


  • Magical wax over super strong string. They stick and stay and then lift away for non-stop play! No Glue! No Stains! No Mess! Use again and again!