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Best. Year. Ever.


Age: 8 years and up

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Play Tested Review

Super well designed and very, very popular with our play testers. Kids love that you can start it any month, and that it’s jam-packed with fun and interesting activities. Parents love that it’s engaging enough to reinforce good organizational skills.




I never really had a calender with all the stuff you can use in it(sticky notes,pen,ribbon bookmark etc.). The stickers and the challenge page were the best part of the book. It's fun that every month has a different challenge and it is really cool.It also is so much fun because of the stickers for the made-up,true and silly but true holidays are so much fun to learn about and sometimes you would never know about these holidays!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the little reminder sticky notes are just perfect when you easily forget.I like how you can use it any time of the day, so it doesn't really matter when you need to use it or need it. It is a perfect thing for taking breaks from homework, but there are not enough stickers in my opinion.



It is like a personal journal. there is so much you can do in it. They give you so many different types of stickers that are neat to use in your journal. The colours on the pages are exciting and you just want to use the book up. I like the way the book is divided into different sections. I can organize my ideas in so many ways. I like the different activities that the book encourages me to write about, like what am thankful about a day. I usually don't really reflect on my day and now I am starting too. The only thing is that I got this activity book in Sept. I already have a journal for school. This one is a lot better than the one I bought at the beginning of school, but I would have preferred to start it in the new Year so I have it for the entire year. Very attractive. I can keep it for a long time.



I love, love, love this journal! I think this is the best journal I have ever had! It is more, than just a calendar, it has so much to do! I love the design, the stickers, the sticky notes (which I love) and that I can start my calendar in whatever month I want (let's say that you get it for your birthday and it's in the middle of the year). I love the extra details like the kindness activities and reminders and goals. I like that at the side of the calendar it has different activities every month. It comes with a pen and pen holder so you don't lose your pen. Also comes with a ribbon so you don't lose track of where you are. This is book is awesome. There are lists you can make, goals to achieve and letters you can write to your future self and past self! It is so cool. I love this and would like to have another one for next year! The only thing that I think can be improved is that the cover could be made a little more sophisticated for more older girls (it's just a little too young looking).



There is more to this calendar than just crossing off the days. It is filled with interesting quotes and challenges for certain weeks, and it can be used to keep yourself occupied decorating it and making it how you want it. I like that it gives you stickers to decorate the calendar and many funky sticky notes that are really useful for marking pages. And, each page has something new and exciting on it. No two months are the same. I like that it comes with a pen and a bookmark, but there is not so much space to write stuff down for non-challenge weeks. It's good that you're able to fill in the months yourself so that if you start in the middle of the year you don't miss half of the calendar.



Best. Journal. Ever!


Marta W.

Daily challenges, so much stickers, sticky note flags, and even a pen! It's colourful, wonderful, fun, upbeat book that isn't just for kids. There's a lot to do with this planner/journal...lists to make, bookmarks to create, plenty of stickers and sticky notes to play with and lots of positive and encouraging ideas to make this truly your best year ever. My daughter (11) got into this journal the moment I gave it to her. By now it has her school calendar, play dates and many other things scheduled, drawn and stickered. She typically enjoys writing stuff and marking dates, so this is a perfect outlet for her to express herself and stay organized at the same time. We've had other journals in the past, this one is the most fun! Well designed, fun, vibrant colours cover and nice, thick pages. I think the age group could be even younger; as long as you can write and read, it is suitable for anyone. Love any type of reading, writing activities. It also makes my daughter stay organized. Bonus! This will be a journal that will stay with my kid throughout her 2017-2018 school year.

Sandra L.

F9 loves this journal and spends a lot of time reading it and writing in it. It is very visually appealing and comes with attractive tab stickers to mark the pages. The journal was very unique because it is a monthly planner but also comes with lots of challenges for the week, activities to do, and motivational or inspirational quotes. It also comes with a pen and lots of tab stickers to mark pages like "Study", "Treat yo'self", "Today's act of kindness:", "Smiling because:", "Don't forget", etc. Play has not dwindled, still high interest because she is using it all year. Good toy to encourage writing.

Orietta M.

Because my daughter already has a school journal this extra journal was not used as much as i thought it would be. She told me she can't keep up with 2 journals so this one intially was really used but has since faded. She has actually been using the stickers in her other journal because she loves them so much. The activity is fun and exciting. It is well divided with lots of interesting additions like the sticky tags and stickers. The Stickers are very relevant to the calendar. I particularly loved the silly holiday page..who knew there actually was a national donut day!! Good to have that at your finger tips. I love the designed pages, the different activities that can be randomly completed. I like the different types of graphs that they introduce you to to help you organize your different thoughts. This is a great premade event recorder for any kid who enjoys recording events on a calendar. It is an interesting Diary that kids can have fun with. Great additions like sticky tags and stickers. Nicely laid out and ready to use. I think this would be a great christmas gift or birthday gift so you can start the planner at an appropriate time of the year.

Kim M.

Remains a huge hit with 12 year old Meaghan. She loves that it is more than just a calendar. She looks at it every day and enjoys doing the activities. There are extras like the stickers to fancy up the months, as well as, the sticky notes at the side of the book that can be used for many different activities or reminders (and there are 12 different styles to choose from). As a parent, I love the gratitude part of the journal, inspirational and kindness reminders, different activities every month, lists, goals etc. To ask a child to write a letter to her future self is quite common, but to ask a child to write a letter for her past self is quite interesting and I have not seen that before. Well done! I also appreciate the activities at the side of the monthly calendar (that addresses issues like feelings, goals, kindness goals) and separate activities that help develop insight into goals - both past and present as well as strengthening values like gratitude and empathy.

Joyce S.

Really funny ideas such as special occasion days. Makes it more fun than an ordinary day timer. Very colourful and I like that you can start at any time of the year, so no wasted months. Good for any age who needs, or wants, to track things like homework. Lots of fun activities for each month and it's colourful and has lots of post it notes which my daughter (16) really likes to use. Lots of humour so the it keeps you engaged. It is also very colourful so it is attractive. Helps with time management as you are tracking what needs to be done for school or anything else. The purpose of an agenda is to get the kid to use it and therefore be on top of their work. This has enough fun elements to it that it will get used.


Manufacturer Description

Planner & Gratitude Journal: 365 Days of Happiness and Kindness. Use this completely customizable calendar and gratitude journal to make this your best year ever! Blank month pages let you start your calendar anytime you want. Use the ribbon bookmark and sticky notes to keep track of important events. Plus, over 250 stickers are included to place throughout your planner. Every month features activities and ideas to help you remember to be thankful, practice kindness, and find what makes you happy all year long.


  • 76-page book

  • 270 stickers

  • 132 sticky notes

  • Pen

  • 16 paper bookmark designs

  • Ribbon bookmark