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BEYBLADE Metal Fury Destroyer Dome

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $49.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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The Beyblades almost never spin around the dome so I don't like playing this. It's really annoying.



not as esay as it look's to get them in the entrance.



Well it was fun at first but then Kaï (8) couldn't make his bayblade spin often enough to have a battle we didn't play often. I can't have a battle against myself!



I would make it spin really fast but a lot of times it would just fall to the bottom. I couldn't have battles with Sebastien (10). I like the flat one better ( the arena)



OK, now this is fun!! I had to practice a while but we can finally have a battle. It sure does look cool when they spin up to the top.


Marie-Lise H.

The boys (8 & 10) had fun playing with the dome, it took a lot of persistance for Kaï (8)to learn how to make it spin. Mostly it fell through to the bottom. A few times he made it spin correctly he was quite excited then he would get frustrated when he couldn't repeat it. sébastien (10) had less problems and he was able to learn quickly how to make it work. I think they liked the novelty if the dome but prefer the regular battle arena. If the beyblade is not inserted correctly in the dome it could fly out across the room...we learned really quickly to make sure it was well inserted.

Andree-Lynn A.


look easy to put up, would be better if the bottom would attach and not just having the ball to sit on it.

Jo M.


My son (8) enjoys beyblades and played with this for a bit once, but has not played again. The assembly required applying stickers and putting the dome together and was very easy. The plastic dome seems cheap. He was able to battle when he played with his Dad but it took some practice.

Rebecca Y.

Admittedly, my kids (M4, M7, M8 and F10) are not huge Beyblade fans, but their cousin (M7) is a Beyblade expert and really did not enjoy this dome. We couldn't get the Beyblades to really spin consistently. Once in a while, one of them would do some cool spin, but we couldn't figure out how to do it properly. It became extremely frustrating and lost it's appeal very quickly. It's a shame since on the very rare occassion that they spun, it was really neat. Cool idea, but something is just not right with it.


Manufacturer Description

Launch into gravity-defying battling action inside the BEYBLADE METAL FURY DESTROYER DOME! This awesome set comes with everything you need to rip into 360-degree battles, including the DESTROYER DOME, 2 exclusive BEYBLADE tops, 2 exclusive DOME SPIN TRACKS, 2 RIPCORD LAUNCHERS, 2 Collector Cards with codes to battle online at BeybladeBattles.com, and a product guide with tips and tricks for better battles.
Take Your Battles to a Whole New Level!
The BEYBLADE METAL FURY DESTROYER DOME has a distinctive dome shape that takes your battles to a whole new level. The BEYBLADE tops spin around the dome, climb up the sides and collide in mid-air for gravity-defying BEYBLADE battles like you've never experienced before. You and your opponent launch your tops into the dome and LET IT RIP! Experiment with the angle that the top goes into the dome, your aim to affect how the top will move around the dome, and your rip speed. As you experiment and practice, you can discover your winning strategy to OWN THE DOME! The product guide includes great tips and tricks for improving your battle skills and strategy.
Prepare to battle! The set comes with two five-piece BEYBLADE battle tops that have exclusive decoration for this set – SPIRAL FOX 130D and CYCLONE HERCULEO 105F. To customize the tops to battle in the DESTROYER DOME, you replace the SPIN TRACK on each top with a DOME SPIN TRACK. The DOME SPIN TRACKS are exclusive to this set, and each one has a special battling design. DOME SPIN TRACK G58 has a Gripper tread for extra gripping power. DOME SPIN TRACK V61 has a V-cut edge to help minimize surface friction.
Gravity-Defying Battles with the BEYBLADE DESTROYER DOME!
With the BEYBLADE METAL FURY DESTROYER DOME set, you can take your BEYBLADE battles to a whole new level and experience gravity-defying action. Everything is included in the set, so you can battle right out of the box in an awesome dome-shaped arena that launches you into 360-degree wall-climbing action. Defy gravity, defy belief, defy everything you've ever known about BEYBLADE!

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  • Includes 2 exclusive BEYBLADE 5-piece tops.