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Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $34.99

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I like this game because it's fun to try to match the shapes. The annoying part is that some tasks cancel out others. When that happens, we switch cards.



It's an OK game, I don't mind playing. I like the challenges to getting the colors in the right order.



I like it better when we didn't play right and I had a lot of points in 2 rounds ...like 68! I was so good, then Mom had to read the rules again and we found it we where counting too many of them and my points took a nose dive. Curses. But it's really easy to learn how to play, it's a bit like tetris.


Gabrielle L.

we love this game. There were a lot of pieces and instructions were long but once we got the hang of things it’s a fun and strategic game. Made us think of the game Tetris. I liked that everyone plays at the same time and it’s fun to watch the other boards and see how they are placing their pieces and how many of the required shape they have. What I also liked about the game was that you could play the game alone (there are not that many board games out there like that).

Rebecca Y.


A great thinking game! The kids are still enjoying this game and it's a perfect balance of luck and strategy. I'd definitely recommend it.

Marie-Lise H.


The game is OK, nothing nothing wrong with it nor is there something extremely appealing about it, the clean up is a bit long, you have to replace the tiles with the correct symbol together, or the next time you want to play it takes forever to separate them. We didn't play it correctly the first time, I didn't get the part where a shape needs to be 4 squares ( for example ) and it you get 5 the shape doesn't count for points. Sébastien thought it was the easiest game since he got 68 points the first 2 rounds. then went we realize our mistake the points did not real up real fast. Actually it was more fun the second time we played since there was much more strategy in coordinating colors.


Manufacturer Description

Bits of Color – Blocks of Challenge. Watch, build, win! In BITS, players place the same designated tile simultaneously like in its award-winning predecessor FITS. The difference is, this time the right colour tiles have to be placed to form the right shape – as often as possible! Unexpected challenges can come up in each round; making BITS fresh and exciting every time you play!

Model Number

26 546 6

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  • 16 task cards