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Bizu Style Studio

Moose Toys

Age: 6 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $24.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99

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This rotating dispenser works well,  but most of our testing families felt it was unnecessary for the enjoyment of the Bizu Beads (see separate review). It does come with a selection of beads, but no more than you'll get in the Deluze Pack. It's best use would be for a child who has a large collection of Bizu Beads they want to keep organized. 




I like making the animals.  The elastics are too small to make bracelets with unless you really stretch them.



It is okay. I like the colour pink and the stand is pink. I like the beads they give me but I wish they gave me more beads so I can make more bracelets. I can only make 3.



It was fun to use. I like that the beads where all organized, and I wanted all the slots filled with more beads!



The bead twister dispenser is so easy to use. You just decide which ones you want to have come out and then move the twister to that place. They come out pretty fast. When we were looking at the machine, we (my mom) saw that a piece was broken (cracked) in the machine, but we never noticed this before and it hasn't affected play in any way). I like this toy.


Kim M.

I love the designer like style of these beads - a definite step-up from most beads on the market. The beads dispense well even after 2 months. The Style Studio will also dispense beads that are not from this set (ie. dollar store beads). I love the easy close clasp that comes with the kit - children are able to open and close the clasp - making it very child friendly. Making the animals so they stand up requires adult qssistance with the necessary twisting. And, don't lose the instructions for making the animals! The animals are cute and quite detailed.

Orietta M.

Sorry but I don't see the value in this bead saver. I think it is bulky and cumbersome and not worth organizing the little beads you get into this big contraption. Plus my daughter doesn't play with it and lost interest in it once she discovered what it did. She created the little bracelets once and has just left it there.

Marie-Lise H.

After the initial play and all animals where made, there wasn't much to do with the tower. Mia likes collections, but it's the tower is not needed after the animals are done.

Kendra D.

I really like the concept of this toy however, ones you have made and remade the animals/bracelets a couple of times you are left with a rather large empty storage container. This toy is marketed well as you will want to keep buying "beads" for it so you can keep using it.


Manufacturer Description

The ultimate in Bizu fun! Load up your beads and twist and click to release a range of design combination!

Year Introduced



  • 4 bracelet template cards


  • Store! Select! Style!