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Vibrantly coloured playing pieces make this an attractive game. But it’s the well-designed strategic play that makes it so popular. Players start with an assortment of Tetris-like tiles, each a combination of square units. The object is to get rid of your pieces by placing them on the open spaces on the board. A classic even while it was a fairly new game, there are now several variations available: Blokus® 3D (7+) Blokus Duo™ (5+) and Blokus® Trigon® (7+).




I love this game! We have a smaller board for 2 players but this is much better! I love being able to play with 4 people. It can get intense! We can't predict where other people are going to play and it's fun to see when they have a grand master plan and it's gets ruined by someone else playing a piece at the wrong spot. Ha! that is the best part.



It's a very fun game and it's hard. I like that you can play as 2 colours if you're playing with 2 people.



I am soo good at this game! That's why I like it! It is kinda hard, but I like the colours and trying to fit pieces in where it doesn't look like they will go. I even try and help my friends when we are playing together.



I like Blokus more than I thought I would because you use a lot of strategy. More than you think when you first start playing. You think it is a really easy game, but you actually have to think about the moves you make before you do. You even need to think ahead and try and guess where the other person is going to go so you can block them off. I always try to use the harder shaped pieces first, so I just have the straight ones or short ones at the end.



I prefer playing when there are 2 or 3 players. I find it very difficult when there are 4.



I love Blokus, it's really fun, the only thing is that the board is too small, I like playing with 4 people but the game is over too quickly. I wish it would last longer



It's really fun to play with 4 people. You have to think before playing and I am very good at thinking. I win a lot!



We have the original game, but I can't see how this game is really different. The tiles might be a slightly different colour. We love this game in our house. But my Dad, sister and brother take forever to make their moves. They think about every move they make, so it really is a strategy game!



Other Adult

This game was great. I thought it was very interactive, fun and challenging. You had to really concentrate and plan your strategy ahead. It really was fun for the whole family. It was a simple concept that was easy to understand. The rules were easy to comprehend and easily teachable to young children. Easily portable with the box. I would like to play the smaller version to see if it would be as much fun. Seems like a good game for enhancing cognitive skills in children. The only downfall seems to be that the pieces on the board move around and slip easily out of place. If the ridges on the board came up just a bit more, they wouldn't slip out of place.

Kim M.

Blokus has become a family favourite! I found it more challenging than I thought would be. I didn't give this game enough credit for the strategy it takes to play. At first, it seems easy, but the more you think about this game, the harder it is. Having said that, the first three times we have played, it was 7 year old Meaghan who won against all of us! We've also played the 2 person Blokus and the consensus was that we all enjoyed this version much better. Sometimes the kids (F7 & M11) just try to get all the tiles on the board in a more cooperative style game, which is fun too. A well created game!

Sylvie S.


I like playing this game with the kids when they are winding down, getting ready for bed. Games are over fairly quickly and are so much fun to play without getting the kids too excited.

Marie-Lise H.


There is a reason this game is a classic, when my kids ( now 9, 10, 11 &13 ) where younger they just played by instinct, now that they are older strategy comes into play and takes the game to a new level. Really fun game that everyone on our family can play.

Mitchell M.


Definitely a good strategy game. This game really makes you think of each move you make and consider the moves of the other players. A fast, fun game.

Jeff D.

This game is so much fun for the family and friends to play, we have plyed this game for hours at a time, the girls (F7 & F9) love trying to block daddy in. I find that this game allows young children to learn how to think and come up with their own stategy to make the right moves so they can block and not be blocked. A must have game for that family game night.

Rebecca Y.

This game is still going strong in our house (M5, M8, M9, F11)! Zachary (M9), who is a whiz at brainteasers, also really enjoys the challenge of playing by himself trying to fit all the pieces on the board. We've tried the 2 player game, where each player gets 2 colours, and we much prefer the 4 player game. It gets a bit confusing playing 2 colours, though it adds another layer of strategy by having the ability to play 1 colour off the other. It's enough of a challenge for us just playing 1 colour though! An excellent strategy game! The one issue we had is that if you're not careful and the board gets knocked, the pieces shift around. That happened to us a lot when we played and we kept having to put the pieces back in, which was frustrating.

France L.

We fell in love with this game the first time we played it! I expected my 6 year old son to find the concept difficult to grasp, but was pleasantly surprised! He not only learned to play quickly, but plotted ways to block other players! Adults have as much fun playing the game than kids! When not playing with the family, the kids play with game by putting the pieces on the board and making different designs. We will have trouble parting with this toy and are considering purchasing this toy for the family - this is a classic toy that you do not get tired of playing!


Manufacturer Description

Blokus® is the award-winning, classic board game that combines skill and strategy, providing entertaining fun for the whole family! Comprised of a square board containing 400 squares and 84 pieces, Blokus® challenges players to think strategically to outsmart their opponent. Players can match wits with one competitor or bring the excitement and energy to the game with up to four players. ///// FROM THE BOX: Players compete to stake out their territory, square by square. Each player chooses a color and takes a set of 21 pieces. Players then take turns placing pieces on the board. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! The goal is for players to fit as many of their pieces on the board as possible. When no one can play any more pieces, count up the squares in each player's remaining pieces. The player with the least number of squares wins! For 2-4 players. Contents: 1 game board with 400 squares ; 84 game pieces in 4 colors ; Instruction sheet. ///// From the Consumer Relations website: Blokus® is the strategy game for the whole family! Players take turns placing pieces of their chosen color on the board. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! When the board is full, each player counts up the squares in their remaining pieces – the player with least number of squares wins!

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