Age: 8 years and up

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Same classic Bop It play, but with ten great new moves as well - like Selfie it! and Hammer it! Lots of fun. Only the classic 'bop it, twist it and pull it' actions use the toy itself, the new moves use built-in motion detectors so players can input simply by moving the toy. Fun, but some testers reported that their unit didn't always pick up on the motions. 




I like the new movements - the actions which makes it more fun and interesting to play. But they are really hard to do and somtimes the movements don't work.



It is basically the same as the old one except that it has motions as well. There is a larger variety since you can still do the old version, and the new one. It works well although it doesn't always pick up the motions.


Rebecca Y.

This is a fun version of Bop It, with the new actions (like cradle it, selfie it, saw it, etc.). Some of the actions are repetitive though. There are only 3 actions which involve touching the toy (bop it, twist it and pull it); the other actions are moving the toy. It doesn't always respond to the moving actions (sometimes you do an action, but it didn't 'feel' it and you get out), but most of the time, it responds well. The kids (F14, M12, M11, M9) have been enjoying trying to beat the records.

Joyce S.

It's just fun. Looks like the old version, but it has 10 new moves which make it more fun than the original. It can be loud but does have a volume control. Kid friendly and very straight forward.

Cathy M.

Love the classic games, not a fan of the new games. I (f38) am the one that likes this game the best. My daughter (f8) likes it ok, but not over the top. I love the concentration and the personal challenge of outdoing my own high score. The noise captures my child's attention (f8) - love that you can select the volume you want and it has an auto-shut off. She (f8) can work it but needs assistance to figure out the functions. The solo challenging aspect of it capture's my attention (f38). Looks well made. Have dropped it a few times and still fine although scratched a bit. I would purchase it for older kids or adults that enjoy this type of game requiring concentration. Noisy so it can get annoying fast if someone gets hooked on it. Beware when travelling!!


Manufacturer Description

Twist it! Bop it! Answer it? Selfie it? Hammer it? This updated Bop It! game is enhanced with new action-oriented Bop It! moves for today's modern gamer. Bop It! game uses move it motion technology to test players and see if they've got the skills to master Bop It! game. The ten moves are: whip it, drink it, selfie it, hammer it, answer it, cradle it, saw it, sing it, golf it, and comb it. The Bop It! game is a portable game for on-the-go fun. It features 3 solo and social play options: Classic, Beat Box, and Pass It. For one of more players. Includes Bop It! game unit and instructions.

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  • •Updated with 10 fun moves, including whip it, cradle it, and sing it