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Brainy Baby Animals Flashcards

The Brainy Company

Age: 1 to 5 years

MSRP (CAD): $7.99

MSRP (USD): $7.99

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Our testers loved the beautiful animal photos and the variety of animals features. The 3-5 animal facts on the backside of the cards didn't interest our toddler testers, but they fascianted older siblings. Parents were impressed by with the thick quality diecut cards, but disappointed in the flimsy storage box, which ripped in almost every testing home.




I know more about animals than these cards do.



"a real crocodile maman!!"

My 33 month old daughter seems to enjoy the fact that the pictures are those of real animals and not cartoony images like many other card sets she has.



I like learning about all of the animals and practicing printing their names.


Christina B.

After a month of testing, my child (F18m) still found these cards interesting. She likes to name the animals and make their sounds, so it's great that they were real pictures. At her age, she didn't show too much interest in the facts on the back, she preferred the pictures - th epossilities for sorting are endless (which animkals are farm animals, pets, etc.). We definitely liked the flashcards at this house!

Jennifer L.


As much as I enjoyed the Brainy Baby animal book, I think I enjoy the cards better. They are easier to bring along with you because of the size and I like the extra fun facts on the back of the cards. The book and the cards have all of the same animals in it so I wouldn't suggest to buy both.

Emma H.


I like these cards a lot.  My daughter (F20m) likes to look at them and we often play games with them.    I think these are a high quality product.  They are constructed from very sturdy card and have a nice shape with clear images and type. 

From a first impression of 10 out of 10 I have dropped my rating to 9 out of 10 due to poor proof reading by the manufacturers (typographical and grammatical errors on many cards).  Despite this I would still highly recommend these as they still have many educational (and fun) attributes.

Esther W.


These flash cards are nice and interesting.  My son enjoys reading about his favourite animals.  Unfortunately, out of the whole stack, he is only interested in about 4-5 and we end up reading the same cards over and over again.  When he is searching for his favourites, the cards ended up all over the place.  The cards are durable enough for a toddler who is calm and happy.  I'm not sure how well they'll stand up to a toddler tantrum.

Julie J.


I really like how sturdy these cards are. The suggestes activities inside were also helpful, offering us different ways we could use the cards with the girls. Our oldest (5) sat with all of the cards and printed out the animal names one by one on her own peice of paper, she was pretty proud of herself!

With our 3 year old she likes to group them when we ask "Which ones live on a farm?" etc.

Cathy M.


these cards are very similar to other cards out there, with the picture of an animal and the name printed under. 

But, I find they are more sturdy than others.  At first look at feel, they appear more robust than others.

At 33 months, my daughter is only interested in the pictures and naming me the animals, but I can see that older kids would definitly benefit from the information on the back of the cards.

Rachel D.

We like the realistic pictures and the fact that they appeal to different age groups. My son (age 2) is learning the names of the animals and the noises they make. My daughter (age 3) is fascinated with the facts. The only thing we didn't like is that not all the animals on the cards match up to the animals in the Brainy Baby book. Excellent educational value!


Manufacturer Description

Part of The Animals Collection. Fun picture cards that feature amazing animals and fun facts. 

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