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Bright Beats™ Dance & Move BeatBowWow™


Age: 9 to 36 months

MSRP (CAD): $39.99

MSRP (USD): $29.99

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Ellen S.

The toy was cute and captured my children's (M12m, F2.5) attention at first, but didn't play for it for long periods afterwards. My daughter did like the music however and would sing parts of the song after playing with it so the songs definitely stuck with her. The toy is pretty basic. I like the type of lights display, in the front, but find the lights on the tail aren't really needed since my children didn't really pay attention to it. The little pieces like the ears and tail that seemed like they would break off easily were quite strong. My daughter was able to pick up by the ears and carry around no problem.My daughter has the original beat bot and loves it, this is very limited in comparison.

Wendy K.

My 16 month old son loves to dance all the time, so any toy with music is sure to be a hit. He also likes the way the head slides from side to side and the ears and tail move too. I find that it's hard to hear the words to the songs because the noise of the head moving is too loud. Other than that, it's a fun toy for a baby. I like that my baby was able to use it independently immediately. I just wish he was able to hear the words better. And I also wish the music was a little more fast paced. He loves to dance to music, but some of the songs on this toy are a little too slow.

Shalimar N.

This is a really cute musical toy that I think my daughter found extra appealing as it's a dog and she loves dogs! This is a really bright, and colourful toy with lots of movement that definitely captured the attention of my little one (F2). My daughter (2) really loved the dog's cute ears when they wiggle and dancing to the music that she could play on her own. I really like that it is a toy that encourages her love of dancing and I appreciate that I don't mind the music. The buttons were easy for her to figure out. It is designed to help with numbers as well, but my little one is just interested in listening to the music and dancing. Unlike a lot of other toys, I don't mind the music for this one. The one drawback is that the head makes a lot of extra mechanical noise when moving back and forth but it didn't seem to bother my little one. I also really like the loud and quieter options for the music. I think the toy is visually appealing as well. I do find that sometimes the instructions are given quickly, or when they're combined with the music and the head movement which makes noise, it's really tough to hear what the child is being asked to do. I think this is why my daughter just enjoys dancing to the music, but not following along with what the toy asks. The only other thing is the weight of the toy. My little one wanted to carry it around like a toy dog, and I was worried about her dropping it on her foot. My daughter has enjoyed dancing to the music and loves holding the dog's ears while they move. My daughter loves music and dancing, so I'm actually surprised that this didn't hold her attention for longer. I think she was just too focused on the dog's ears moving back and forth. It's a pretty sturdy toy, with no removable pieces, or little pieces that could be broken off. My only concern with my little one holding the ears while they move, is that they may get broken while she's holding them. But it seems like an overall well made toy and I would trust letting my little one play with the toy on her own.


Manufacturer Description

BeatBo’s four-legged friend has music. Who likes to move? This adorable toy dog does! Get the fun started by pressing the buttons on the paws of BeatBowWow™ to activate fun songs, lights and dance moves. Little ones will love watching his head bob side-to-side, his ears wiggle to the beat and his soft tail light up and wag back & forth. He’s so dog-gone cute, your baby can’t help but dance along, all while introducing baby to colors, and counting! 

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  • • Baby’s actions make exciting things happen – a great intro to cause & effect!