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Budkins Football (Soccer) Match

Le Toy Van

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $89.99

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Our testing families were highly impressed with the use of natural materials (wood, rope, fabric etc), in combination with such careful attention to detail: numbered player jerseys, advertising along the side of the field, and even the referee's whistle and coach armbands. The set inspired lots of scope for imagination, from re-enacting soccer matches, to players lounging after the game - even the possibility of coaching team plays. A great set. NOTE: While this is a high quality set, it did not necessarily stand up to younger (underage) children. Best suited to older kids who are past the age when they will scatter and loose the pieces.




It is cool how the box shows all the soccer players. It also shows what the soccer field looks and what the net looks like and where everything goes when you set it up. It is good that it shows you this because I wasn’t sure where everything went like the flags. It is cool how they all have uniforms. I also thought that it is cool how the coach has a whistle and that it says everybody’s names on the back of their uniforms so you don’t have to make up names yourself. Just like real soccer players!! The nets look like the nets look now not slanted like they used to look. In real soccer games there is advertising on the side of the field and this has that too. I also like how the teams are sponsored by some of the advertisers and they say that on the shirt. I like the scoreboard and the fact that you can change the points and keep track of your game (but it only goes up to 7). The ball doesn’t really have a flat end so can not stand still when you are trying to get the game set up. When I play soccer with them, it is fun to play but it is hard to play with all the players at the same time if I am playing by myself. It would be easier if there was another person being the other team. Sometimes they play soccer then they have breaks and go to the Twinkle Tower for a snack and the coach goes to the castle because he works there at night.



I love this game!



I like this game, I love soccer and we can try to have the players do head bunts or score points. there are little blocks that go around the field and sometimes the ball hits one and stays into play. I like that we can turn a wheel and have the points on the scoreboard, we make the game the first one to have 10 points win.



I like to play soccer. It is a fun game. The player kicks the ball and can make a goal.


Tara R.


The boys loved the looks of this toy. Jason (M2.5) was delighted with it when we set it up together. Evan (M4) was the one who took all the pieces and decided that the players didn't need to play on the pitch, but could also play soccer all over the kitchen. I ended up fishing the 2 soccer balls out from under the fridge AND the stove. Within 2 hours of being unwrapped, the referee had lost a shoe. Tried gluing it back on, but no dice. Within 4 hours, another player lost a shoe. This morning, a few weeks after launching, the board has split in half -- the tape holding it shut wasn't very strong. I really like the posable figures. The set itself is thoughtfully put together, and has a classic feel to it. The budkins figures appeal to me with their natural materials, and cloth clothing (it's not all plastic!!!), but the set has really not been durable enough to withstand the onslaught of my boys. Might also be good for budding stars & coaches to draw up and explain strategy...

Jennifer F.


What a wonderful toy. We took this soccer game on a two week “no electronics” vacation and it was the ideal rainy day game for every age. The pieces allow plenty of imaginative play – our 2 & 4 year olds led their players through practice, injuries, penalties, breaks, and actual soccer. My two year old played with it happily on his own and with the family, my four year old especially loves all the details -signage, nets, whistle on the ref. The wooden doll like figures inspire free imaginative play, it seemed like an easy game to discuss good and poor sportsmanship and teamplay with our children. I could see using this with older children to demonstrate strategy while enjoying a fun game.

Marie-Lise H.


Wow, what a well made wooden toy. This would be a set I would keep after the kids outgrow until their children could play with it. It would only get better with age. It has so much detail. the players have movable arms and legs, the scoreboard has wheels that turn to indicate the score. It just turn out that the FIFA world cup was on when we got this so the boys would try to re-enact the plays from their favorite team.

Laurie T.


This is the most realistic soccer field that I have ever seen. From the advertisments along the sides of the feild to the soccer shirts to the little whistle and coach armbands, it seems to have it all. Zoe had the teams playing a game and then relaxing at the neighboring castle or tower depending on the team. She took a peice of styrofoam and a peice of cardboard from the box, stacked them and set the scoreboard and ref on them so that the ref had a better view of the field.


Manufacturer Description

Wooden football pitch with 2 goal posts, scorebaord and 6 poseable players and 1 referee included player. height approx: 105mm pitch: W710mm D370mm

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  • Includes 7 Budkins figures


  • Painted Wood Toy