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Budkins Twinkle Tower

Le Toy Van

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $99.99

MSRP (USD): $84.99

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This compact four room tower-like doll house was a favourite with both our testers and their parents. Kids loved the play possibilities. Parents loved the classic look of a quality wood toy, it's durability and that it comes fully assembled so kids can start playing right away. The toy features a quality paint job with attractive detailing and a good selection of furniture to inspire play. There was some disappointment that - pretty as she is - only one figure is provided. Not a major complaint, though, as "friends" were quickly added from other toys. It's cool that the removable roof panels reveal a hidden attic, but this popular feature was also the source of the one complaint about this toy. The roof is the natural place to pick up the tower to move it, but doing so usually results in the rest of the toy crashing back to the ground. Fortunately nothing broke and no one was hurt, but parents caution: there'd be tears if it landed on toes.




When I first saw it, I thought that it was a doll house because it looked like that from the box. It says that it is a twinkle tower not a doll house but it looks like a doll house not a tower. I like that on the box it says all the stuff that it comes with and all those things are actually inside. It shows, however, 2 princesses and says Amelia and Angeline and it comes with Angeline. I pretend that another doll that I have that is similar is Amelia. All I had to do was put the furniture in and put the roof on which made it easy and I could start playing right away! It comes with all the furniture which is good so then you don’t have to go and look for other furniture that would fit. It is cool because it has an attic while most of my others dollhouses just have a roof above the top floor and there is a wide open space. I pretend that the maid is the nanny and that the princess is the king’s daughter. My other two dollhouses are bigger and have lots of details but this one is smaller and doesn’t have as much. The quality of this one is better though. This one is wood and would probably last longer than my other ones. |I think that this house would be good for kids that are 6 or 7. From the outside of the dollhouse when it is all closed up, it looks really fancy.



I like when the princess lies in bed in the house.


Jen S.


Many of the characters can be used interchangeably with the castle as well as the house. Some of the pieces (ie. the frying pan) are difficult for a 3 year old to place in the characters hands. Also, my daughter thought the hat of the maid should be able to come off and removed it the first day. The only way I could repair it would be to glue it back on. A cute toy overall.

Julie J.


The two pieces of roof that detach has become a bit of a problem, more than I thought it would. Every time the girls lifted the tower to move it they would lift it by the roof and the pieces would fall off, then they would end up dropping the tower on the ground.

Lisa G.


This Twinkle tower is placed in her room so she can play with it before bed. The first thing she asked for was a friend for her one budkin so we found some other fairy finger puppets for her to role-play with. The colours are great and the items are sturdy. I love the toys that are getting back to wooden construction like this one. Its worth the extra money to get a toy that becomes part of the decor- not a plastic eyesore. Magnetic closure is better than a latch front. Some of the tiny accessories I can't determine what they are. Detachable roof pieces are neat. She played with it for 15 minutes before bed and we had to cut off the play to put her to bed. She's at the exploring stage and just moved things around at first. She enjoyed putting the fairy to bed and using the blanket to cover her.

Jo M.

This is such a cute little wooden doll house. The colours are lovely and the quality if very good. There was some glue on the roof when we opened the box but it wiped off easily. It had a paint smell which has worn off. The front door opens as well as the whole front of the house. There are lots of windows and small details. The roof of the doll house comes off one side at a time and can be put back on very easily. The girls take the roof off and use the attic as a bedroom. Kierra and Hailee both enjoy playing with the doll house and have spent many hour arranging the furniture and dishes, sitting the dolls to have tea and then putting them to bed. The flower pot has also been used as an extra bed. I like that the doll house came with furniture and a doll to play with. Melia budkin came with the doll house and is cute but not nearly as appealing as the Fairy budkin. Kierra and Hailee often use the Budkin dolls for play with other toys.

Laurie T.


The quality of this tower and the ease with which it went together along with the features that it has make this playhouse stand out from other playhouses that Zoe has played with. The house is made from wood not plastic so should last longer. The paint job is also fantastic- looks like it is baked right in. Zoe was able to open the box, put the 2 roof peices on and put the furniture in and start playing - no waiting for an adult to screw it together. The fact that the roof comes off to reveal another room is really cool and having a hidden room added to her play scenarios. This may cost more than othe playhouses but is worth the amount in value!


Manufacturer Description

Pretty painted wooden princess tower includes furniture & Princess 'Amelia' Budkin. D260mm H455mm W220mm

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  • Princess Amelia Budkin figure