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You have 7 lettercards from which you are to make a word. But not just any word. The roll of a die determines how long a word to make. And of course, the letter cards have assigned values, so you'll want to factor that it as well - but not just to score the highest points. In this game, you use your word points to navigate the score board (especially when you incopporate a letter card that allows you to choose from a range of points). You do want to move a head, but it's often strategic to land on - or miss - a "pick-a-card" spot along the way. 

If all this sounds complicated, our testers agree. In fact, te rules are even more complicated and detailed than outlined here. But the game does have some unique - and in our opinion interesting - variations to the calssic word game genre. The important thing is that we like the basic premiss of this game, and it's easy enough to use house rules to simplify gameplay or make it a little less challenging. For example, the rules suggest allowing younger players to ignore the die and make words of any length. We prefer playing with this rule for everyone, and giving bonus points to players who do match the rolled word length. Also, if a player is dealt only vowels - or only consonents - allowing the player to exchange one card. As for all the other rules... ignore them if you prefer, or use them as a rich source of inspiration for the house rules that make the game enjoyable for your family. 




I did not find this game to be very fun. The timer did not work well.  I liked making words but found the game board hard to follow.



This game is really fun but sometimes the timer can get annoying. I love making words but it's not so easy to make six letter words so we roll again if we get a six. I like the red and black cards but I would like to use them whenever instead of right when you get them.



It's a good game and fun to play.  I like that they give you a lot of cards (letters) but I don't think younger people should play against older people becaue they don't have as big a vocabulary.



It's challenging but not too hard.  I like that you can manipulate your score by the multi numbered cards.  It doesn't take to long to play and it's fun.  I like that different cards with the same letter have different values.



It's a fun game because it's fun to make words. The game was designed in a pretty cool way because it was in a circle.



I did not like this game. It was too difficult for me to figure out.



I like this game but I don't like using the timer. It's really fun and if you have a wild, you can choose how many spaces, so you should always try to get on the red or black because then you get to pick up cards.



I like making words with a certain amount of letters that are on the die. Also that you move up by the amount of points on the bottom of the cards. It is fun to try and make the word with the most points. I played with my sister who is younger and my grandparents (at the same time) and it still worked very well.


Pamela P.

Great concept - enjoyed that all ages could play together. However, I feel that the game needs a bit of work. That being said,.. a few changes and this game could be a hit!

Julianne B.

We had a very difficult time at first trying to figure out the rules of this game. The websites videos helped tremendously to help explain how to play and suggest some strategies. Even after we figured out the rules we still didn't really enjoy playing it. I think it was still a bit to complicated for my daughter (8). I think however that for people who like games and strategy this would be a game that they would like.

Jennifer K.

We have not played this game very often as there was little interest after the first play session. We found the game took a long time to play and the game board was confusing to follow.

Randi M.

There are way better ways to teach children to form and spell words than trying to muddle through this confusing and not-very-fun game.

Joyce S.

I liked this one a lot. All ages could play together and enjoy it equally. We paired up my younger daughter when we played with older people because she didn't want to make smaller words but I like that the game takes vocabulary into acount.

Rebecca Y.

A very cute game. It was easy to learn and the kids (M7 & F9) enjoyed it. The game takes a long time to finish, but I like the added twist of having to score to get to certain goals, and not necessarily the highest number. The black and red cards add a lot to the game and make it a little more strategic with the scoring. We did not use the timer at all.


Manufacturer Description

A brand new, patent-pending method of play never seen before in a word game where the words you create act like your darts as you use them to try to hit or avoid certain targets along your path to the winning goal.  Your highest-scoring word isn't always your best choice.

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  • Highly educational. A must-have in your family game collection.