Age: 10 years and up

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MSRP (USD): $14.99

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Play Tested Review

An interesting twist on cooperative play. In this Crazy 8s style game players work cooperatively towards the same goal, but since they’re not permitted t o reveal the cards in their hand, collaboration is more Limited than in other cooperative games. Like Crazy 8s, cards played to the four middle piles must match either the number or colour of the top card. The twist is that rather than simply trying to rid yourself of cards, the challenge in this game is to beat the cards in the challenge deck by, for example, playing cards so that no two no-adjacent piles are pink, or the sum of the orange cards equals the sum of the green cards, or that the sum of all blue cards is equals ten. Lots and lots of fun, and a great addition to your family game shelf.




I really like cooperative games and his one was great that you could play with just one other person or our whole family. ItThe game was easy to learn and you can finish a game in about 15-20 minutes. I like that you could choose how many challenge cards to use in your challenges but it was tough trying to figure out how to finish all your challenge cards before the time ran out.


Allison M.

I really like the concept of this game and I was really happy with it - no complex rules, easy to learn plus it's a cooperative game. It's a very simple game to learn but it can be very challenging to try and see how many challenge cards you can complete before you run out of cards. You can adjust the level of difficulty by adding more or less challenge cards. It presents math and pattern making, as well as, strategic planning of your best move in a fun way. The game only takes about 15-20 minutes so you can just play a quick game or play a few rounds if you have more time. Both of my kids (F9 and M12) really enjoyed this game.


Manufacturer Description

In this colorful card game, cooperation is key! Play cards to one of four piles by matching color or number. Work together as a team to complete a series of goals - without communicating what's in your hand. Can you make all piles purple or green? Every card lower than four? All cards add up to 10? There's only one way to win before time runs out: play in cahoots!


  • 56 number cards

  • 50 goal cards

  • rules of play