Age: 3 to 12 years

MSRP (CAD): $2.99

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The camp activity books are fun. I like them because they had a lot of my favorite animals in them. I would recommend them to a friend.



I coloured some pages, and didn't know what to do for some pages. It was a little boring, and I like my other activity books better.



Can you help me with this?



" I like Peter Porcupine- same name as Papa" ( her grandfather) " I like dot-to-dot!-no helping mom" "does my campfire look hot?"



The book is O.K. Some of the picture are nice but like my comic books better.



It's all the same pictures. I tired to draw the mouse but it didn't look like it at all.



I dont really like this book. The pictures are the same. I like my other colouring books better.



i really like this book. i like to do activity books. they are fun and challenging. i do them on my own when i don't want to watch TV or play with my brother. they get me thinking and this one has so many different pages. if i don't understand an activity i just ask mom to make sure i am doing them right.


Tammy W.


I could not get my kids (F4 & M6) interested in this book. I think it was very repetitive and not cartoonish enough for them. they were not interested in me reading the pages to them either. The book doesnt look like its been edited as i found typos and grammar errors. I thought the concept of the book growing with the child was great but have since changed my mind because really, do i plan on keeping the same book from the time my 4 year old can simply colour to the time she can draw mirror images? Probably not. Kids also are not great at sharing books either so giving parts to one child to do while the other child works on different pages doesnt really work. They are not able to play with the book together unless you rip pages out. Its very odd how it is set up. The cost is fair.

Lisa G.

Zahra (4) enjoys this as a joint activity. We talk about the animals and read the facts together. It has nice large print and each animal has a name so she likes to read and colour their names as well. There are multiple choice questions in the book to "test" the child's knowledge as you go! Other activities include spotting the differences and colour by letter which allows her to be challenged as well. Only a few pages near the end are above her current level- printing words in blank spots, but that likely gives the book long term appeal. Content is American but animals are similar to Canadian Wildlife.

Tasha L.


My son (4-male) only coloured a few of the pages and was not very interested in it anymore. I know the book is meant to 'grow with the child' but I can't imagine keeping a $3 book for 9 years for my child to complete it.

Ruth B.


A great colouring book with lots of good information; too old for my 3.5 year olds. I think this would be prefect for a 6 year old who is camping.

Rachel D.


My four year old daughter loved getting to know the animals in this colouring book and finding them again and again. It looks pretty educational, however the label "3 and up" is misleading, since many of the activities aren't suitable for kids that age.

Kendra D.


The pictures in this book are well done but they tend to repeat resulting in my kids (g4, g7 and m8) getting bored quickly.

Ann L.


I like the idea of the book, educational and fun. However Emma (F5) did not seem to get attached to the book or the activities. I would of liked to see more variety in the pictures and the age gap smaller.

Marie-Lise H.


The pictures are very repetitive and the games are not all that engaging.

Orietta M.


I like this booklet because there is a lot of fun and interesting activities that are age appropriate and provides great hours of entertainment when the need arises. At our home (M5 & F7), we tend to use paper pencil type activities on rainy days and days when we don't feel like doing anything strenuous.

Mike R.

You can't generally go wrong with an activity book. This tries to put a twist on the theme by making it accessible to a large age group. What it really does is make a large portion of the book unaccessible. My sons [4 & 5] didn't like this. They also didn't like the layout which grouped similar activities together. I found some of the activity pages to be poorly thought out as well. Having said that, this book is very affordable, and there is enough content to make it worthwhile.


Manufacturer Description

This award winning activity book adds creative flair to the nature experience. With 48 pages of quality content this activity book will help educate and stimulate children's excitement about the great outdoors. It begins with coloring pages and trivia and increases in difficulty with the color by numbers, camouflage coloring, and how-to-draw. The book finishes up with exciting “CAMP-stories”, (our version of ad-libs) where children will create their own story and then have the option to take it to the next level by drawing part of the adventure. Great for ages 3 to 12.

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