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CAPTAIN AMERICA The First Avenger Flying Shield

Hasbro, Inc

Age: 5 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $9.99

MSRP (USD): $8.99

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A fairly simple, low-tech design. Basically it's just a frisbee with an elastic across the back, so that when you're not throwing it, you can slip it on your arm and wear it like a shield. Our testing families loved both the active and imaginative play this toy inspires. It flies as well as a frisbee, but being a little heavier, it can sting more if you get hit. 




I like this frisbee, especially because it's from Captain America. It gives me special powers to go pick it up when I throw it in the big trees over there, and the branches won't hurt me as much. I also like that I can be just like Captain America with it.



It's fun because it's a frisbee and it has a handle like a Roman shield. I like the circles and star.



It's a shield and a frisbee! It's easy to throw and when my brother was throwing things at me, I used it as a shield!



It's fun to use it to protect from nerf darts!  I can throw it at the bad guys if I want.  It's like a freebie but I like to hold it in my hands and hide behind it.



It's amusing by a long shot!  You can throw it like a frisbee or use it as a shield when I am in a battle.  It's written on it that it doesn't provide protection for real that's too bad, I wish it would .  That would be so cool! I could be a super hero in real life!


Golda W.


The shield is always out ready for outdoor play--Romans against samurai is the latest version (the roman is the one with the shield--duh!). I prefer that to its use as a flying disc, as it can pack quite a wallop!

Rebecca Y.


This is supposed to be a shield with a handle, but we've been using mostly it as a frisbee. It's on the heavier side (due to the handle attachments) which makes it hard for catching but it flies really well and is easy to throw! The boys (6 and 7) have used it as a shield during 'fights' and they seemed to get a kick out of it.

Marie-Lise H.


It`s basically a frisbee, and if it wasn't for the handle in the back it would be quite overpriced.  The kids are not going to watch the movie so they don't understand the Captain America tie-in.  The movie is PG-13.  Even without seeing a model on how the shield is supposed to be used Kaï ( M7 ) had a great time using it during a nerf war.  It does not shield against a laser weapon, OK that sounds bad, I mean from the `lightsriker laser tag` gun.   the paint from the shield does get scratched off after repeated use.

Mireille S.


My 5 year old could spend an hour in the yard tossing it around. When he got tired of tossing the frisbee, he would throw on the shield and play the part of a super hero.


Manufacturer Description

Make crime fighting action “come alive” with this Flying Shield. When enemies appear and it’s up to you to defeat them, wield your shield to protect you from their advances. Just when they think they’ve got you cornered, send your shield flying through the air to take out their forces! With your power and this shield, there’s just no stopping you!

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