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Cars Micro Drifters Design & Drift Speedway Track Set

Mattel, Inc.

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $19.99




I thought it was cool at first,but then I figured out it had only one car, and it dosen't have instroctions for all of the tracks except the first one on the slide show, though it DOES have stickers for it. The car also dosen't go all the way down so it's basicly plain stupid.



The car's a little bit cool, but it doesn't work well on the track. Nothing works well on the track. It keeps falling over, real cars don't fit on the track and there's only one tiny car so you can't race. But it looks like the track is made to race. I don't get it! Plus, the car can't do turns, it keeps getting stuck and going very slow down the track. Not a lot of fun.



You put the track together, I don't know how to do it! Everytime I try to put the track together it comes apart and doesn't click.



I like racing McQueen because he goes fast down the ramp and around the corner. He wins the race and the other cars go to the second place area. I can't put the track together myself, but I can put the flags on.



I didn't like this toy. The car kept getting stuck in the corners and didn't go down the track.



K.lets just =speed= ahead...1= it didnt come with enough peices for the first track so i had to make my own 2= it only came with one car 3= it WASpreaty cool when by the ending thewinner hits the button and te bumper closes.



"MY Francesco doesn't fit onto the track!"


Julie Q.

The Cars Micro Design and Drift Speedway was a huge disappointment. The track is very big and took about 20 to 30 minutes to put together. It was impossible to store or move around without having the entire track fall apart and became a tripping hazard. The set only comes with one micro car so my sons (both 5) lost interest in it quite quickly, since there is nothing to race against. Our boys tried using their own cars on the track, but they were too big to go down it properly. The one micro car also has problems going down the entire track without an additional push. It slid down slowly and got stuck in the corners, unable to continue. The plastic supports do not properly hold up portions of the track, and some of them just hung there without touching the ground. The track kept tipping over and the pieces kept coming apart. We also tried modifying the track into another design to see if that would help, but to no avail.

Golda W.


After the first few tries, the boys gave up on this track set completely: it just doesn't seem to stay stable and together for any length of time.

Krista M.


My daughters (F3, F5) liked this track because it could be built different ways, was a quick set up and the McQueen car raced down well. They didn't like that they couldn't set it up themselves, that only one car came in the box and none of our other small or large cars would work on the track. It was fun when first opened, but as the weeks wore on and only one person could race, they got bored of it.

Dorothy C.

The track only comes with ONE micro car, so there is really nothing to race against. My son (5) was bringing his own toy cars onto the track but they were often too big. The track also does not hold up properly and the middle section tends to fall down. My 3 year old son shows much more interest in this track than my 5 year old. My 5 year old gets frustrated with the tracks not fitting properly and it wobbling all the time, while my 3 year old just plays with whatever is set up and tries out different cars on the track.

Mireille S.

The track is monstrous and bulky and took more time to assemble than the amount of playtime my 7 year old has gotten out of this over the course of almost a month. When we finally did assemble the track, it wouldn't hold upright, the car struggles to go down and the fact that this set only came with one car, made the racing feature impossible, unless you had other Micro Drifters. My son lost interest in this one very fast and didn't go back.


Manufacturer Description

Cars Micro Drifters Design and Drift Speedway Track Set: Inspired by the hit Disney/Pixars animated films, Cars and Cars 2. Micro Drifters feature ball-bearing technology that allows them to race, drift and swarm-just like they do in Disney/Pixar Cars. With more than seven feet of track and the ability to launch nine vehicles at once, this gravity set has lots of opportunity for animated action. Kids can manipulate the track into different configurations and alter the play pattern by setting up obstacles, two “cameras” can be placed anywhere on the tack to amp up the mayhem even more. The first car to finish will land in the winner's circle while the rest pile up. Which vehicle will dominate? Include 1 Micro Drifters vehicle.

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