Age: 6 years and up

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Flying a kite takes both practice and good wind conditions, but our testing families found this fishing reel-styled gadget much easier to use than a traditional kite spool. The initial purchase includes a quality kite, but the Castakite device will also fly other kites, too.




My Dad and I tried this on a windy day. The fishing rod design is cool, but the kite flips upside down upside down which doesn't work, and you don't have very good control. It doesn't float very well and it won't stay up in the air. Even my Dad couldn't get it to work.



I really like this kite because it works really good. All of my cousins wanted to try it. It goes really, really high too!


Chris Y.

Launching a kite can be tricky and takes a certain level of skill. Castakite tries to improve on the basic design and uses a fishing rod type mechanism to cast the kite up and reel it in. A novel idea, but we could not get it to work properly. The launching was difficult. The kite always flew upside down and the reel was not sensitive enough to allow the desired amount of string to emerge. Good idea, but kite design is poor and it flies upside down. So, hard to launch and hard to control.

Jennifer Y.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough wind the first day to actually fly the kite, but we had it out of the package to test the casting mechanism. At first try, Jack (M8) found the push button release a bit tricky to control. The string is released very quickly. We are looking forward to sufficient wind. No instructions were provided.

Rebecca Y.

This is a great first kite. I've never before successfully flew a kite, but this one worked well. We took it to the park and didn't have the instructions with us (and I hadn't read them before I left), but I was able to easily get it off the ground and keep it up for a while. The kids (F12, M8, M6) also had fun trying it out but were not successful in getting it off the ground the first day out (though it wasn't the best kite-flying day). They were eventually able to get it to fly and the design helped somewhat, but I think it was more just practicing so much, they finally got the hang of it. The mechanism is a bit hard to master, but is certainly easier than a regular kite and they were able to learn how to cast it out and pull it back quite easily. The design also helps ensure the string doesn’t get all knotted when it’s not in use. The poles tend to fall out but can easily be put back in place. Overall, the design is pretty cool!

Tammy W.

Our family loves this kite! We've been through quite a few kites over the years and this one has been by far the best quality kite we've played with. It's durable and flies like a kite should, unlike any other kite I've used! The name of the kite is catchy and suits it well. My kids love fishing so they were excited that this kite is like a fishing rod where you can cast the line out. We've had quite a few windy days where the kids (M8, F6, F4) have been able to take it out and fly it across the field. It really does fly smoothly and steadily. It got caught on a wire one day and my husband was able to tie the string back together and the kite still flies with no issues. It's also a lot easier to hold than your typical kite and more visually appealing with the long handle and bright colours. The cast button and crank are still difficult to press and turn but it is manageable, and otherwise we have no complaints! The string is so long and the kite rod is very easy to hold onto! All of the kids friends and cousins wanted to try it out and even the neighbours who saw it floating in the sky were asking about it! A great toy to get the kids outside and running around getting some exercise! The cost of the kite is well worth it as the quality is great and the kids really enjoy flying it.


Manufacturer Description

To the delight of parents everywhere Castakite™ is getting kids off the couch and outside, one breeze at a time. Castakite™ allows children to use their imagination, sparking innovation and creativity in ways that electronic toys cannot. 

Castakite is perfect for the park, great in the yard and amazing at the beach. It is a whole new way to get outside and be a kid, ready to fly right out of the box.

The Castakite™ not only makes flying a zillion times more fun but it also eliminates all of the well known challenges with flying a kite: tangled lines, cuts from direct line contact, confusing D-Loops and difficulty getting the kite off the ground. Just hold the iBeam Rod up and push the Altitude Trigger. It’s that easy. 

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  • Available in blue, orange & blue, and orange.