Age: 8 years and up

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Play Tested Review

The cats are up to mischief again! But using your logical deduction skills, cat bios, paw prints and knowing the location of key items, you’ll be able to figure out which of the six is the culpable cat. We love how different challenges focus on different clues. In some puzzles the focus is on where the suspects are sitting relative to each other, while other puzzles have you comparing suspect features like blue eyes, or whether they're wearing a bow tie, or have a striped coat, etc. There’s a good range of difficulty, and early puzzles help ease you into the deduction process, while even the mid-level challenges require a healthy does of thinking to solve. With 40 progressively difficult challenges, these puzzles are a great way to spend some solitary downtime.




The cats were cute, my favorite cat was Mr. Mittens. I liked looking at the items before and after the crime (like normal shoes and then ruined shoes). I liked that it was a mystery you had to solve and I liked that you could move the pieces around to see if your solution works. You can also play with the cats, but I wish the pieces were 3D rather than just cardboard. The cardboard holder didn't always fit the best with the picture and sometimes the cats would fall over. The puzzle levels were good but when I got to the highest levels then I needed some help to solve the puzzles. The puzzles were fun to try out and I liked seeing who was guilty of each crime. Sometimes the clues were a bit confusing but I got help from my mom and then I was able to do it for the harder ones.


Allison M.

Yay Logic puzzles! I really liked this toy and felt it delivered on it's educational merit, and was happy with the level of difficulty. It was a great exposure for my daughter (8) to try out logic puzzles in a really fun and concrete way. Using actual pieces that you can move around helped alot with trying to solve the puzzles. My daughter loves cats and found the board and the cats really cute and liked playing with them. She was able to easily follow the instructions and started doing the first few groups of puzzles on her own. She did find the later puzzles a bit harder and needed a push in the right direction. I gave her some hints such as if you have 2 choices - try one and see if the rest of the clues fit. If they do not, then change it. We always reviewed all clues at the end to make sure that the answer fit. My daughter loved that the cats were causing trouble and liked to solve the mystery of who was being the troublemaker. I would definitely recommend this to any parents who would like their child to try out some logic puzzles in a fun way.


Manufacturer Description

Who’s to Blame Logic Game. A feline crime has been committed, and it’s your job to identify the culprit! Cat Crimes is a single-player deductive reasoning game with a lovable cast of characters – who may be up to no good! Each of the 40 challenge cards presents a crime and a series of clues to help solve it. There are 6 cat suspects to choose from, each with their own characteristics and identifying traits, and a game board that features supporting evidence. Grab your magnifying glass and sharpen your wits, it will take all your detective skills to solve these diabolical Cat Crimes!


  • Game Board

  • 6 Cat Tokens (with token stands)

  • 6 Crime Tokens

  • 40 Challenge Cards with Solutions