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It's the most fun when we have the snails and oysters cards in our hand at the same time. I like making the most disgusting salads.



You have to make up recipes like you're a chef, except you're only using cards. It's fun because you take turns being the judge and sometimes you use snails in your recipe--like maybe a snail sandwich. Yum yum yum! When you get a chance to make the worst recipe it's more fun, and if you make the worst sandwich, for example, and you put in a snail there's a big chance of winning!


Erin G.

My kids (F7 F9 M12) spend hours playing this game, so I like that they don't need me to play with them. They love getting their creative taste buds going, and when they don't have anyone to play with the will spread the ingredient cards out in front of them and create the best and worst sandwiches soups and pastas themselves.

Golda W.

This is a nice compact card game. My 9 & 11 year-old boys enjoy putting together the worst possible recipes--even without playing the actual game. Over time, as they pretty much cover all possible permutations. They play less than they did, but still have a good time playing.


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Whip up creative dishes! Armed with a stack of Ingredient Cards and a given Food Challenge, create the best or worst meals with Chef Cuckoo.

Here's the kooky part: you may be tasked with an awful dish, as well as a tasty one! Can you whip up the yuckiest soup? The most sensational pizza?

To compete for awards, chefs attempt to come up with a fun name and entertaining description of their recipe. The best-or the worst-chefs will emerge from the kitchen with the stars to prove it! Learn the fundamentals of cooking while getting familiar with your family and friends' taste buds with Chef Cuckoo!

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