Age: 5 years and up

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Play Tested Review

A modern adaption to the traditional Mancala game, in which players take turns picking stones (or seeds) from one of the small indents around an oval, then distributing or “sowing” them one by one clockwise into each of the next following pits on the oval. In this version players roll a colour die to determine the stacks of cubes they may choose to distribute (from either of the colour-matched pits). It’s a fun twist, though the game can bog down a bit towards the end as fewer colours still have cubes to distribute. We allowed players to choose any stack if there were no cubes in the coloured pits they rolled.




It's fun to play with. I like that there are pretend cubes and the pictures in the cups. It's fun that they have pretend cubes and it's interesting to have to move cubes to other cups when you place. I like the look of the blueberries.


Sandra W.

It is a fun game for children of different ages. Our girls (ages 5, 7, and 10) all enjoyed this game. It does not take long to play (around 15 minutes) which is great for children who do not have a long attention span, or if you do not have a lot of time to play a game. The toy was a lot of fun once we got used to the instructions. The idea was novel and the kids liked the idea of collecting ice cubes or blueberries for their cups. The size of the board is just right for up to 4 players. F7 and F10 had no difficulty with the skill level although F7 did not like when another player could steal an "ice" cube from her cup. The game finishes when the last "ice cubes" or blueberry tokens are picked up. We were able to play the game until the piece was picked up. However, if after many turns, we were not able to pick up the last piece, we could make a rule to end after so many turns. For example, if each player has tried 5 times to roll the die to pick up the last piece, then we end the game.


Manufacturer Description

Fun on the rocks! A bevy of freshly-squeezed drinks waits to be served - all they need is ice! Roll the color die, choose a matching tray, and scoop up the ice cubes. Then drop them one at a time around the board, hoping to land some in your cup. Snag a blueberry for extra points, but watch out for slippery hands trying to snag your cubes! Fill up the frostiest float and you're the coolest!

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  • 24 ice cubes

  • 4 blueberry tokens

  • 1 custom die

  • Rules of play