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Chubby Puppies Vacation Camper Playset - Jack Russell Terrier

Spin Master Ltd

Age: 4 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $29.99

MSRP (USD): $24.99

Production Status: In Stores

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Play Tested Review

A fun little doggie playset. What particularly caught our play tester’s attention is the battery powered gait of the big dog, and how it can also propel the car Flintstone-style.




I like feeding the baby. There's a little crib and garbage can. The mommy fits into the car and when you turn it on, she drives the car. You can attach the camper to it and when the mommy drives the car, she moves the camper. The baby can get a ride in the camper. The mommy can be in the camper too. It's so much fun!



I like that it comes with a car and the big dog can move the car. The big dog can walk by himself and it's super funny. The little one sits in the back and has a bed. I like the baby seats for the little dog and the dad dog making toast for the baby. And I liked opening the camper when it was parked and then moving it again. The big dog can't move the car and the camper together. He can only move the car.


Sandra W.

This toy received a lot of play with all the kids, especially F4 and F6 (even F8 liked it). They loved the chubby dog and puppy that came with it. The battery died very early in the testing process though but the dog did have a lot of play and was on quite a bit. The dog was able to slowly move the car along but when the camper was attached to it, it could not pull the camper with the car. From the box, it looked like the dog would be able to pull both. We played with it on a wooden floor, too, but the dog also pulls the car very slowly. From the box, we thought the car would move faster. The dog and puppy are very cute to play with, especially the idea of the dog moving the car. The kids enjoyed moving the dog and puppy around the inside of the camper.

Susan C.

I was surprised how much my daughter enjoyed playing with this toy. I would have never thought she would but she hasn't stopped since we started testing. This is a big toy winner in our house. Play is very interesting. My daughter loves playing with the large dog and making him walk. She also likes swinging the baby in his bed. She enjoys playing with the puppies, making the big one walk all over the place and moving the little one from his car seat into the camper, to the bed, the kitchen and feeding him his bottle. She wishes there was a bottle holder for the bottle attached to the car. We are quite surprised how much she has enjoyed this toy as it is unlike the usual toys she plays with (Barbies). The big dog is able to walk by himself and pull the car. So instead of the car moving the passenger, this toy has the driver move the car which really delighted my daughter, although it would be nice if the dog was strong enough to pull the camper, as well as, the car. The cute little dog can sit in the back seat and ride along. The camper provides new play opportunities for the dogs to play, extending the play. The colours are muted and are my daughters favourite colours. The shapes of the windows are hearts adding a sweet element to the camper. My daughter loves putting the big dog in the kitchen and having him interact with the toaster making breakfast.


Manufacturer Description

Let’s go camping with the Chubby Puppies & Friends! This Vacation Camper Playset includes a full-sized Jack Russell Terrier Chubby Puppy and a small baby puppy to care for. These adorable puppies come equipped with the ultimate camping accessory — a transforming camper! This RV includes puppy-powered moving pots and toaster in the kitchen, a swinging baby hammock to keep baby happy, and a removable seat to tuck baby into for the long drive. Collect all of the Chubby Puppies & Friends campers for an adorable, relaxing puppy camping trip (each sold separately). Adopt your Chubby Puppy Jack Russell Terrier and baby puppy today!


  • 1 Puppy

  • 1 Baby Puppy

  • 1 Camper Playset

  • 1 Milk Bottle

  • 1 Instruction Guide


  • This Chubby Puppy Jack Russell Terrier and their puppy baby are stumbling, fumbling, tumbling cuteness you’ll fall for!

  • This Vacation Camper Playset transforms from mobile RV to camping playset — complete with a swinging hammock and puppy-powered kitchen.

  • Collect all of the Chubby Puppies & Friends Camping Pups for an outdoor Chubby Puppies waddle party! Each sold separately.

  • Chubby Puppies & Friends are for ages 4+. Includes 1 AAA battery.