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Chuggington Die Cast Trains and Track Sets

Learning Curve / Tomy

Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $32.99

MSRP (USD): $27.99




fun mommy, help me make choo choo go



"What's the train's name?" "Why is his name Chuggington?"



Chugginton is fun but I cannot make train come out fast. The doors are easy to open, but it would have been nice to have more trains rather than one, because I can not share with my brother.



I like the train and putting the parts together, but it was hard. I needed help from mommy.



I love Chuggington! And the doors of the station are different colors that I can name.


Maggie W.

The set is fairly easy to put together, however, with only one train it is not so much fun. If it had come with two trains it would have provided more fun instantly. It is fairly easy for little hands to use the various pieces. It provides the ability to attach to other pieces that you must buy to provide more fun. This is a great starter set for young kids as there are no small pieces for them to choke on and the price is much lower than the Thomas the train sets. But children do get bored quick, as there is not too much for them to do with this set.

Dorothy C.

My son (3) really likes this toy but because there are not enough tracks (you would have to buy more)he mainly plays with the sheds and puts the train in and out.

Julianne B.

A little diappointed with this toy. The track is very small and it only comes with the engine. An additional train car may have added a bit more. The sounds that it made when the train goes through the door are very poor quality. After a few days my daughter just took the train engine and played with it on her own without using the track. Interest in this toy was short lived. After a while only the toy die cast train was played with. The track is too small and there are no extra train cars. After a few times around the track there isn't much left to do. The train launcher was difficult for little hands to work and often didn't shoot the car hard enough push the train through the door.

Orietta M.

There was little challenge with the toy, other than putting it together, which was a bit difficult for my son (3) to do. The train didn't go around the track unless you pushed it along. [Initially,] my son was excited to open the box because he likes the show, but he lost interest with the toy after a short while because there was nothing really to do with it. He actually started playing witht the train without the track.

Mireille S.

Quite disappointed when I put this one together and the launching feature didn't work. You can load up the train in there, but when you push the button, the train hardly moves more than a few centimeters (not even an inch). My son was wasn't very happy with this as the box features the launching mechanism as a main attraction of this toy. Also, the attachments provided with the set: turning wheel, a mirror and another - keep coming off. We constantly have to re-attach them. I expected some sort of interactive play after putting the batteries in. The set one gives off a bell when the garage doors open and then tiny little lights turn on. It doesn't even seem worth it to put batteries in this one. Not overly happy with this set. Sure, Ryan played with it, his favorite feature is the doors he can open and close to hide the train and he liked the bells when the garage doors opened. But with the larger train sets out there, having a set with only a small round track didn't seem overly exciting. My son is playing with it - - but by far not one of the best ones out there.

Natalie Q.

My kids (3 and 17m) recognised Chuggington right away from the TV show, so they were super excited to play with this toy. However, the launching mecanism doesn't work very well. My three year old can't work it, and even I have difficulty with it - it's hard to propel the train. The train itself is diecast and looks and feels fantastic, but the [plastic] track and station are fairly flimsy. The extra bits come off easily, frustrating my toddler.


Manufacturer Description

The Trainee Roundhouse is based on the popular locale. This lights & sounds playset is the trainees' home and a great centrepiece for your Chuggington die-cast world. Rotate the launcher and eject the engines onto the circle of track! Features 4 engine bays and a rotating launcher with turntable. Includes Koko. Chuggington Die Cast is the most collectible and adventurous way to enjoy Chuggington play!

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