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Clear For Take Off

Blue Orange Games

Age: 7 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $21.99

MSRP (USD): $15.99

Production Status: In Stores

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I like everything about this toy and I played it with all my friends. I like that each plane is a different size, so there's some strategy for what to do first. I really like when you delay another person's flight. I think it's a fun game. I played it so much, I'm starting to get bored of it, but my sister (age 6) still really likes it, and whenever my friends come over, that's the game they want to play the most.



I liked that there were different kinds of plane pieces and that some planes needed more cards than others to take off. The game was easy to learn and fun and quick to play. I liked the lucky captain cards and the weather cards. The weather cards and delay cards could help you catch up if you were behind. I liked that if someone delayed you, you could protect yourself with the lucky captain cards. I thought this game was a lot of fun. You could choose your strategy of trying to start with a bigger plane first which might take longer or trying to get any plane out right away.



I really like playing this game, and the plane pieces are fun to play with. I like that there are 3 different kinds of planes instead of all planes the same type. I like the lucky captain cards a lot. I get nervous when it's time to launch my plane and you pull a weather card - sometimes it means you can't fly right away. I wish there were more clear sky days. I like playing the delay cards on other people but it's sad when they get played on me. I like looking at the hangers and that there are fun names for the different hangers. This game was easy to learn and fun to play. It doesn't take too long to play a game.


Allison M.

My kids (F7, M10) loved the airplane pieces, the special cards, the weather cards and that there were different values for each plane. Something about this game really appealed to them and they enjoyed playing this game throughout the testing period. It was one of their favorite games we tested. I liked the game ok, but as an adult - I didn't find it as interesting to play as some other games we tested. As there is a large luck factor in this game, so kids or adults can win. You can slow down people that are ahead with the delays or bad weather might do it for you. The board and airplane hangers looked realistic and the plane pieces were nice that they looked different for each type of airplane.

Wendy K.

My kids (F6 M8) love this game! It is so simple, and yet it really works. They've played it many times and they continue to enjoy playing. The perfect balance of skill and luck for the targeted age group, I think this is one of the best we've played for this age group. The kids love that it has airplanes, it's a fun aspect for them. I really like that it's a relatively short game, we can complete the game in maybe 20 minutes or so. It's fun and easy to play, but there's enough strategy that the game stays interesting even after playing it many times. There are not so many pieces to this game, so that means that it's easier to keep everything organized. The box comes with compartments where everything fits easily and my kids can be independent with clean up. The box says ages 7+, and I it's an amazing game for both my 6 and 8 year old. My 6 year old probably enjoys it even more than my older one, I think because she has developed a better strategy after playing several times.. My 8 year old even took it to school once to play on a rainy day for recess and he said that all the boys loved it. It's a great game! We've also played with older neighbours (ages 9 and 11) and everyone played together and enjoyed i, although I think the older kids might get bored after playing a few times. A great game!


Manufacturer Description

Fly your way to victory! Gather enough cards to send airplanes through the different stages of takeoff, and then high into the sky! Navigate weather problems, mechanical failures and your opponents' strategies in order to successfully launch your whole fleet. Get all of your planes off the ground before your opponent's do to win. This game has engaging, realistic gameplay because it was invented by a pilot!

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  • 100 Cards

  • 12 Wooden Planes

  • 4 Runway Pieces

  • 4 Hangar Cards

  • Illustrated Rules