Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $16.99

MSRP (USD): $13.99

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Game play is similar to the classic card game President (also known as Scum, Kings and Janitor). But this game involves a little more strategy than the simple objective of getting rid of your cards as fast as you can. In addition to scoring points for the order of finish - first out (of cards) scores highest - points are also given for club cards included in each round. That means the first out, doesn't always win the round. So, you need to think a bit more about when to play your cards. Our testers found the game confusing - both for teh less than player-friendly rules, as well as the more complicated game mechanics. Most describe teh game as okay, but not a favourite. Best suited to players with lots of card experience looking for a novel new card game with an extra twist to it. NOTE: despite that the rules refer to winning a round as taking a "trick", the mechanics are not the same as a classic trick-taking game (eg. Euchre).




I like this game cause I win a lot...I don't know why. I don't always play the right cards and the others yell at me, that's not fun



I really like to play cards. this game is OK, but I prefer to play other games. But this game is really fun to play with a gang... There are four of us and it got intense at times. It took a few rounds before I kinda understood what I needed to do. I never won, so I am not really sure why I like this game. My brother KaI (10) just plays whatever he has in his hands, he doesn't play strategy at all, but he wins all the time..this is so unfair.



This is a weird game, I don't understand, sometimes you need 2 pairs other times it's 3 cards in a row…why? But, I don't need to understand it to win. My mom says I am very lucky

S Not Fun Kai


I like this game cause I win a lot...I don't know why.



This is a boring game. Apparently it is trying to imitate Prezident, but I don't really see the resemblance, and prez is much more fun. It would be more exciting if you got a point for each trick that you get, because without the point there is no point of getting the trick. The most people I have played with are three, so it might be better with more people.


Mike R.

We struggled with this game at first because the instructions are very confusing. However, once past that, the game is actually fairly simple to play. My son (8) loved it, and it was fun watching him try to figure out strategies for getting the most points. Game play has been quick and fun, and the age-rating of the game seems about right. My 6y-old played along with us a couple times, and while he could play the game, the strategy was beyond him. The cards are of pretty good quality and easily took some abuse on a camping trip. The Game: After numerous plays with our testers and their friends, the most fitting word to describe this game is 'okay'. This game was not requested more than similar games, and perhaps a bit less. It is also very similar to other card games (a bit of a blend). Our testers didn't really like the scoring mechanics of the game (at times it seemed to interfere with proper play), so we ended up improvising our own rules. The instructions were not very friendly, using jargon that took the adults a while to figure out. Some of that was due to this game having some complicated mechanics, some just to poor writing. The Cards: Not completely related to the game, the cards themselves use numbers instead of jack, queen, king. This made them versatile, and a great way to teach younger players other card games.

Marie-Lise H.

It was a little hard to grasp since it is so different from all the other are games we have played before. It was a lot of fun, obviously my strategy was not the best, I kept loosing to a 10 yr old! This was an OK game, the kids (M10, F11, M12 & F14) enjoyed it but it wasn't a favorite. Kai (M10) never did get it and I had to help him, but the little stinker has amazing luck and he would win often, which upset the other kids. There were a lot of rules to remember and the instructions were quite confusing.


Manufacturer Description

Clubs combines trick-taking fun with a hint of risk. It’s simple enough for kids, strategic enough for adults.  The deck of 60 unique cards opens a new world of play for card game lovers.  The goal is simple: get rid of all your cards as fast as possible.  At the same time, you’ll want to take tricks with clubs in them, because they are the only cards that score points. But watch out! The last player to get rid of their cards scores nothing, even if they have a huge pile of clubs. Pick up Clubs...and win! For 2-6 players, takes 30 minutes to play.

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