Age: 8 years and up

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A very cleverly designed rolling block puzzle with packaging that is both the puzzle board and conveniently stores all the pieces.  Our testing fmilies loved this puzzles portability and how easy it is to set up and play - just put the puzzle card under the transparent puzzle surface, then place the block at the starting position and flip it sideways or end over end until you land in the end spot. Two differently shaped puzzle blocks are provided: a simple two square piece for the easier puzzles, and a five square U shaped piece for the more challenging puzzles. Plenty of good design went into this ultra portable puzzle, right down to blocks with their knobby corners and the encased ball bearings that rattle slightly as they help weight the block for smooth, fluid movement. 




I think CoCo Cross is a cool game because you roll along the board trying to get to finish in a certain amount of moves. I thought it was creative that there were two different types of pieces to play with. It was easy to learn but difficult to beat all the levels.



I like how the pieces roll really nicely and that there are two types of puzzles (blue or red) so you don't get bored of one. The early levels were good and I had fun trying to solve them. Some of the highest levels were too hard for me, but it was fun to use the answers to solve the last puzzles.



This is like an online game that I like, but now it's in real life! It's fun to finish a puzzle and then do it again but with less moves.


Allison M.

This was a fun toy and great for travel due to its small size. The main pieces felt interesting due to the ball bearings inside. The puzzles started off easy and got harder as you were taught the concepts. The puzzles did quickly get quite hard and were challenging for adults as well. It would have been nice to have had more medium range puzzles. It was very helpful the the solutions were included if you got frustrated looking for the solution. My son (8) enjoyed even just following the solutions directly for the very hardest of puzzles.

Marie-Lise H.

Great brain teaser and puzzle. My kids (F12, M11) loved how easy it is to carry. They would time themselves to se who could solve a puzzle quicker. I hadn't thought they would enjoy it so much, because it seemed like such a simple game.


Manufacturer Description

Roll up your sleeves for this mind-bending rolling block puzzle! Xhoose a level and then try to maneuver a block from start to finish by rolling it across the grid. You'll need your best spatial-thinking skills to block out the obstacles and roll up to the solutions! Comes with 48 challenges in a compact travel-friendly case. 

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