Age: 3 to 6 years

MSRP (CAD): $44.99

MSRP (USD): $39.99

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This toy is cool! Can I play with it! Please.



Me first!!!



He eats the chips. The noise on his head makes crunch. I like clapping and dancing when he sings. He moves and he dances and he teaches words.


Krista M.

Amazing toy!! Cogsley has had the attention of my daughters (F2, F4) and daycare kids (M6, M3, M4, F20m) since we brought it home and is still a highly used toy at the end of the testing period. One of our most favourite learning toys to date. The games are easy to slide and choose from and understand. The chips are simple to put into the slot and turn his nose. The follow me game is a great speed for the kids to follow and the voice is clear enough to understand. Both of my daughters (F2, F4) were able to follow the games and had fun while practicing their letters and playing a version of simon says. Great learning toy, huge play value and the biggest hit for any learning toy that we have tried! For the price, this toy is absolutely worth it!

Susan C.


My son age 4 was excited to see this toy at first but that didn't last very long. It is a very large, loud toy that has a lot of pieces. On the plus side it does have a number of learning features. Although, my son didn't play with it long enough to experience all the features. He basically just fed him chips until he was full. His favourite part was the robot's backpack.

Diane C.


I found the voice of this toy extremely annoying. But my son (4) enjoyed playing with it from time to time. He actually seemed more interested in the chips that came with it and he would pretend they were coins.

Ruth B.


This toy had immediate appeal. Play needed to be assisted by an adult, in order to be scucessful, at least for my children. (Help with the instructions and to understand what the robot was asking.)

Tammy W.

The robots batteries died after two days of play. I like the easy on off button on cogsleys head. There are several games to play and carleigh f2f enjoys the game follow along where you have to quickly do what cogsleys says such as turn my purple ear. She also likes charge me up which helps her count. She is enjoying it more than ava f4.the backpack is great for storing the chips but is tipsy on a flat surface and does not stay strongly on his back. A great learning toy so far!


Manufacturer Description

Cogsley by VTech is the perfect learning robot friend for your child! With his quirky personality, rockin’ dance moves, and funny responses, your child will love interacting with him as they learn about letters, counting, words, manners, and more! This electronic learning toy robot comes with 30 computer chips that trigger fun animations on his LCD screen when they are inserted in the slot above his nose. Your child can even get a reaction from this learning robot by singing to him or clapping their hands! With six different ways to play, your child will have fun for hours as they hang out with their new pal.

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  • Electronic learning toy robot has an animated LCD screen