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Age: 8 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $14.99

MSRP (USD): $12.99

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Well targeted to the to kids 8+, as the challenges are MUCH easier than those found in the orignal Cranuium games. In fact one parent says even their 4 year old could join in teh fun. While our teen testers also had fun with the game, they did note that many of the tesks were a little repetitive.  




This game is fun to play with family or friends. It involves small tasks such as dancing, acting, writing, drawing, or creating out of clay. Great game, but a little reppetative. there aren't that many different things to do on the ards. The game is portable and small, so it's great to take on trips. One thing i recomend from experience: replace the clay in the game with something that doesn't dry out like plastecine, because this clay dries out really fast.



I liked playing when I understood the challenges.  Even if I didn't get it right it is fun to try. We needed Mom to play with us, there are other games I prefer playing.



The idea is cute but the challenges are too easy with such a long period of time to do them in.  It is too easy to get the right number of challenges in a row.  We did it with the timer at half of the time.  It made it more fun to play.  The challenges had a lot of variety.



It's really fun because you have to hurry up and name things like 5 things you take camping.  I love camping so I could answer.   I helped win the game!



This game was a series of mini games which involved either creating a small creature from clay, drawing or acting.  I thought that this game was very fun.  I played with my grandmother, sister and my parents and we all seemed to have a fun time.  I would have given this game a higher score if it were not for the repetitiveness of the games themselves.  this game suites most ages and seems to be a good family game. 



This was a fun game to play. We had to do silly stuff which was funny.




I had to be involved with the game, the language of the cards was too complicated for the kids to understand, I needed to interpret the meaning often. My 8 yr old is learning to read in English and she could not understand any of it, and certainly not when someone read the question to her.  I would simplify things greatly to have the 7 yr old included in the game. the 9 & 10 yr old did not have to much problems but when the read the challenge aloud the other kids didn't understand what needed to be done. .  We had a lot of communication problems, with older kids I am sure this is resolved or at least I am hoping.  We did have fun but with my kids age group they only played if I was the instigator and mediator.

Joyce S.


The game was fun but many of the challenges on the cards were done really quickly. The hard ones (which seemed to be the ones my youngest daughter always got) were too hard to do in the time frame.  We had a couple of good laughs playing it.

Sue A.

The game has a series of small challenges which were fun to play. You cannot be shy when playing these, so there are lots of laughs to be had while playing. We did notice that most of the challenges follow the same theme even if the questions were a little different. Great party game for all ages.


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Enjoy the full CRANIUM experience in instant, fast-paced fun anytime and anywhere. With more than 200 games that can be played in 60 seconds or less, families race to beat the timer using classic guessing, acting, sketching, sculpting and word-puzzling skills. A fifteen-minute break is enough to make Family Game Night happen with CRANIUM BRAIN BREAKS.

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Item: 31654

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