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Crayola Color Wonder Glitter Paper


Age: 3 years and up

MSRP (CAD): $10.49

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I like to colour with my markers. I like the princesses and I like the glitter paper.



I like it cause it has glitters and the colors are super beautiful. I love princess and what I find really cool is that there are things hidden in the picture and I have to find them. I adore it! The dresses were very pretty, I liked to color over the glitter.



Its easy to colour on the glitter. I's so sparkly! and pretty. I really like my favourite princesses to colour.



I like it [Disney Fairies set], but I'd like it better if it was pictures for boys. The colors are really nice and it's fun to color and find the hidden objects.



Ahh Princesses, I love them. What's this (glitter) on Belle's dress? I don't like it.



It sparkles. I love princesses. Look at the stess (?) appearing.


Jo R.

The kit came with 12 glitter sheets, 5 color wonder markers. The glitter is in the paper and it comes with the special pens that only colour on the special parts of the paper - helps to keep colouring in the lines. It is age appropriate for Kierra (F3) but I found the colouring results uneven where there was glitter and the markers ended up with too much glitter on them - maybe that's why the colours were streaky. And there was too much glitter on the table and on me after colouring. The princess theme seems to be good for little girls, too. Connor (M5) didn't want to try because it was princess. She has had it for a week and it is half done. This is a good craft for Kierra's (F3) age group but she lost interest - much more interested in the Colour Explosion we were testing. The glitter created uneven results and glitter everywhere. Perhaps for a different girl this would've had a better result.

Marie-Lise H.

At first, Mia (M6) was afraid to color over the glitter as she found it was too beautiful and was afraid the glitter would come off. She was very pleased to see it did not. I liked that it had an appeal for both genders even if it was a princess. I was impressed how our neighbout's child really liked to color on it. He said it was really neat. The colours where very pretty and the glitter added to the pictures. We have used crayola wonders before but not with the glitter. It does make for a prettier picture. Mia finished the whole package within 1 week of receiving it.

Orietta M.

Who doesn't love glitter! Even boys are amazed at the effects glitter has on the final product. F4 couldn't wait to open - she loved that there were princesses that needed to be coloured and that she got brand new markers. She was amazed at how the glitter made the colours shine differently. The pink marker got a lot of use - its a wonder how the ink never ran out. She recalled the events (of the picture) from the stories. This is a nice quiet activity that both my children enjoyed doing together and there's enough pictures in the book for a few weeks worth of colouring.

Julie J.

Glitter and no mess markers are always a hit in our house! The girls loved colouring their favourite princesses and loved the fact that there was glitter on every page. I am not sure there is anything special enough to make it a Top 50 toy, though.

Julie B.

My daughter liked the pictures of princesses and glitter. She did comment that it was harder to color parts that had glitter. Once finished she wanted the picture in her bedroom. I do recommend this toy.

Kim M.

The mess-free aspect of this toy is wonderful. However, the glitter does come off everywhere - table hands face etc. The theme-based pictures were of great interest to Meaghan (F3) and her friends. Previously, we have had more generic ones like flowers and bugs. It contained all princesses. However with only 12 sheets per package, the girls exhausted these quite quickly. The princess and glitter go hand in hand. Multiple sessions - some by herself, some with friends. Usually 1-2 sheets per session. I liked that the princesssss theme appealed specifically to Meaghan and her friends and she could identify with these characters. Meghan (F3) has now finished using all the glitter paper that has come with this product. We are continuing to use the mess free markers for other Colour Wonder items we have, which works just fine. This was fun for a single use, but I would not buy another set like this - the glitter came off everywhere. At age 3, Meaghan and her friends used up the paper quite quickly. The older children (age 5 and 6) took significant more time colouring (ie. precision). The all princess version was a great appeal to the girls!

Sylvie S.

The reason I am not recommending this Color Wonder product is because of the glitter. There is quite a bit of glitter on the pages and you are supposed to color over that glitter but it is not that easy to do. The markers don't glide on this kind of surface as they would on regular paper. I love the Color Wonder products because they are mess free but in this case, I would leave the glitter out. The glitter also comes off very easily, making it a little messy. I've found some in Aliyah's face, hair, and even on her little brother.

Ann L.

I have been wanting to buy this for Emma for a while, now that she tested the toy I'm glad I waited because it's not as much fun as it looks. The main reason being the color has a five second delay between drawing and appearing, which makes it hard for Emma to understand that she is no longer drawing in the lines. It did captures Emma's attention, however, she did get a little fustrated and kept saying that the makers didn't work. I'm hoping that with time she will grow in to the concept of patient.

Miriam K.

The toy is fun. My 4 year old loved the glitter on the pictures and the color wonders markers are great when when colouring because they don't make a mess. My daughter especially loved the princess themed pictures. BUT, the glitter was very messy! There was glitter everywhere when my daughter was done and it seemed to stick to everything, hair, clothes, skin table. Not the easiest thing to clean up.

Mitchell M.

Meaghan (F3) was so proud of the pictures she coloured. Meaghan definitely returned to this toy a number of times and loved the glitter - she enjoyed that it came off on her hands, clothes, face.

Bruno M.

What can I say. It is great to see both Camilla (F4) and Andrew (M2) working together to produce masterpieces!

Vanessa V.

Mya (F3) loves the drawing sheets of the princesses. I would get this for her again, but without the glitter. Mya enjoyed the Princesses. She would orgainzed the sheets according to Princess and tell me the story of what is happening in each scene. The glitter added no apparent additional enjoyment to the colouring activity. The glitter got on her cloths, skin, hair and eyes. I had glitter in my hair as well. Mya is familiar with the ColorWonder markers and she still has some challanges with the delay between coloring and when the colour appears on the paper. On cool days the delay of colour appearing is up to 5 seconds, which for colouring for a 3 yr old is very long. She often lost interest in what colour she had and changed colours. On warmer days the colouring was more intentional and enjoyable. Mya often interchanged between her regular crayola markers and the color wonder markers. Mya didn't really see any advantage to the wonder markers. As a mother, the wonder markers or the washable markers offer the same clean up ease. The glitter "chewed" up the colorwonder markers faster than normal which is annoying. I would tell other parents if their children love princesses this is fun but watch out for the glitter. The paper really had no additional added play or fun aspect to it. The glitter was very messy as it came off the paper easily. The markers did not last very long as the glitter was quiet abrasive and worn down the markers. Our daughter did enjoy the Princess Theme and ended up more frequently choosing her regular crayola markers to colour the pictures. The wonder markers really didn't provide her with the varied colours that she is familiar with.

Marta W.

Nice idea, sparkles are wonderful, but the glitter is too hard to colour and it leaves traces all over the place and clothing. Some parts magically appear after being coloured by the markers and that is ALL my daughter wanted to do after discovering it. Box includes only 6 markers, not enough to do all the colouring (I guess it is marketing catch for you to go and get more:-) as the markers dry out very fast (the caps were on). I would consider doing that if my child was interested, but she wasn’t, and she LOOOves princesses. I am glad I had the opportunity to test this toy before purchasing it, because if I bought it I would not be happy and I would feel ripped off.


Manufacturer Description

Magical mess-free coloring and bonus Glitter Paper. It's all the fun of glitter and no mess because glitter effects are in the paper! Color Wonder products won't color on skin, furniture or carpets!